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HOT or NOT: San Francisco Warriors Hardwood Classics Jerseys

UPDATE (11/24/09 9:26am): My man Mike has some good words about these jerseys over at's NBA section:

I realize the jerseys are a novelty act, but as long as the Warriors are going to stink anyway, can't they wear them more than five times? Pretty please?



What can I say? I'm a sucka for the throwbacks. I'm definitely voting hot.

Jump for more details.


The Golden State Warriors will be donning these retro fly garments 5 times this season at the Roaracle:

Maybe the Warriors can break them out again in spring in the playoffs?
Maybe not.

San Francisco Warriors Primary Logo
San Francisco Warriors primary logo in use from 1963-1969

A blue Indian headdress in a yellow circle

There's no way this "Indian" themed jersey would fly in the Bay Area now.

Still a Raja and a Curry sporting jerseys with an "Indian headdress"- I'd be lying if I said this brown man wasn't intrigued.

Thanks to thecity23 for the FanShot.

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