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Warriors Web: Warriors 111, Mavericks 103- Monta Ellis + Anthony Morrow + Stephen Curry score 82 points, Mikki Moore + Vladimir Radmanovic grab 23 rebounds

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Box score: SBNation
Gameflow: PopcornMachine

Warriors: SBNation blog: Golden State of Mind
Recap: Warriors 111 Mavericks 103 - Wait..what just happened?
Game thread: Warriors @ Mavericks - Time to Get Smart (1050+ comments)

Mavericks: SBNation blog: Mavs Moneyball
Recap: Mavs Lose at Home to Six Warriors: Rick Carlisle Postgame Quotes
Game thread: Warriors at Mavs Open thread

Associated Press recap: Ellis, Morrow lead Warriors past Mavericks 111-103
Sports Network Recap: Shorthanded Warriors stop Dallas' win streak at five

Live Blogging Links

Geoff Lepper: Game 13, Live: Warriors (4-8) at Mavericks (10-3)
Rusty Simmons: Game 13: Warriors at Dallas (halftime) | Game 13: Warriors at Dallas (final)

Post Game Links

A straight forward post game wrap.
Rusty Simmons: Warriors top Mavericks using only 6 players

The Warriors are rallying around the us-against-the-world mentality. Nellie's swine flu tests will be back. If positive, he'll be quarantined for a week until Dec 2.
Rusty Simmons: Ailing team gets no help from referees

Radman was surprisingly noticeable on defense tonight, not one of his usual traits. Biedrins is with the guys on the road trip doing rehab work.
Marcus Thompson II: Vladimir Radmanovic delivers in ample playing time

All it took was six guys, an assistant coach subbing in, and great teamwork to win this game.
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors, using only six players, upset the Dallas Mavericks on the road

Lots of in depth analysis about Monta and Curry, with a little bit of Morrow and Stone Soldiers. Example: Remember Curry's high bank shot over Dirk? He practices that.
Marcus Thompson: Game #13 (5-8): Warriors 111, Mavericks 103

So that's why Nellie wanted to turn Monta into a point guard. Who can stop him when he can drive and finish or drive and kick? Plus lots of other in game notes.
Mike Massa: Led by Ellis, Warriors' six end Mavs' win streak at five

Pre-Game Videos

Pregame: Russ Turner talks about how to handle the absence of Nellie.

Post Game Videos

Postgame: Jim interviews Monta.

Postgame: Keith Smart.

Warriors highlights by orangino.

Next Game:
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors at Spurs

Stone Soldiers

I researched this after the game, and I wasn't sure about what I found, but MT found the same thing. In Keith Smart's interview, he mentioned that they called themselves Stone Soldiers. This is a reference to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Shi Huang Di, the First Emperor of China. These were life sized statues created and placed around the emperor's tomb to protect him in the afterlife.

In my research, I could not find any legends, stories, or myths about the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, only how they were created. So I'm not sure why the Keith Smart decided to call themselves Stone Soldiers. I presume that since these statues are supposed to protect someone in the afterlife, they themselves are "undead", like mythical mummies and skeletons. Thus, when you try to kill them, knock them down, etc., they keep coming back. So imagine if you had such an army coming at you that won't quit. That sounds a lot like what Smart described about the Warriors.

Stone Soldiers. Hey, this would make a nice Tony.psd poster concept, don't you think? Oh, Tony!.

This is my first time trying a front page links post. I welcome feedback, suggestions, links you want to see added, removed, formatting, etc. More links and videos to be added as I find them. How can you tell which links and videos are newly added? Um, have a good memory. Actually, I'll have to get back to you on that.