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Warriors Web: Black Friday practice links

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The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, which kicks off the Christmas shopping season. For the Warriors, it's business as usual as they practice and prepare to host the Lakers on Saturday evening. For the local beat writers, it's also business as usual as they cover the Warriors practice and write about them afterwards. Jump in for a couple of links from today's practice.

Thanks to hellafornia for posting his fanshot about why we get to keep Chris Hunter. That fanshot forced me to check my links and compose this links post. I guess I shouldn't have taken Friday off! :P


- hellafornia's quote fanshot explaining why we get to keep Hunter.
hellafornia: Despite possibly having 11 players available...

- Maggette missed a few practices recently with a sore hamstring, but he's back in practice. So was Turiaf and George, both of whom could be back tomorrow. The Warriors will check them out tomorrow before making the final decision.
Susan Slusser: Warriors getting healthier every day

- Since being benched for most of that @Knicks game, Curry has "flipped the switch" and dumped his passive play.
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors rookie Stephen Curry is starting to live up to the hype

- The good news: We're slowly bringing guys back from injury. The bad news: This could affect our team chemistry as current players adjust to returning players. The return of Biedrins and Turiaf puts defenders near the paint, clogging up lanes, affecting Monta's drives. The return of CJ, Biedrins, and Turiaf means more competition and balancing of minutes for the young kids: Curry, Morrow, and Randolph.
Mike Massa: Return of injured players may affect Warriors' team chemistry


Keith Smart will continue to coach for the next 3 games.

Flashback Videos

Since having only one video in a video section looks pretty pathetic, how about a trip down memory lane to get pumped up for Saturday's Lakers game?

Flashback: Warriors vs Lakers, Dec 14, 2007

Flashback: Lakers vs. Warriors (3-23-08) Final Minute
Hmm, so THIS is where I've seen Radman before!