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Warriors Web: Warriors 97, Lakers 130 - Grrr...

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Last update: Nov 29, 9:00pm - Rusty Simmon's final update

Box score: SBNation
Gameflow: PopcornMachine

Warriors: SBNation blog: Golden State of Mind
Recap: Lakers 130 Warriors 97 -- Don't be a Hater
Game thread: Golden State Warriors vs. LA Lakers- Don't be a Faker to Oakland while drinking your lemonade in the Roaracle (740+ comments)

Lakers: SBNation blog: Silver Screen and Roll
Recap: Lakers Cruise, New Jersey Lies in Wait
Game thread: Lakers-Warriors Open Thread
Preview: Preview Double Feature: Warriors and Nets

Other recaps

Associated Press recap: Lakers rout Warriors 130-97 for fifth straight win
Sports Network recap: Gasol leads balanced attack as Lakers rout Warriors

Live Blogging Links

Geoff Lepper: Game 15, Live: Lakers (11-3) at Warriors (5-9)
Rusty Simmons: Game 15: Lakers at Warriors (halftime)

=== Added Nov 29, 9:00pm ===

Rusty Simmons: Game 15: Lakers at Warriors (final)

Postgame Links

- Rusty's title says it all. We were beaten, beaten, and beaten again.
Rusty Simmons: Star-struck, lifeless and left for dead

- Usually the duty of Stephen Jackson to guard the opponent's best players, that job now falls on Monta, and he had a couple of moments on Kobe.
Rusty Simmons: Ellis relishes new role of top defender

- Once again, we were beaten, beaten, and beaten again.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors blown out by the Lakers

- With Monta being a vocal leader now and asking for the challenge of guarding the best, and actually playing defense, it's pretty hard pull the trigger on a Monta trade.
Marcus Thompson II: As Kobe can attest, Ellis makes strides on defense

=== Added Nov 29, 4:00pm ===

- Mike Massa with some trends and perspectives about the 33 point loss.
Mike Massa: Bigger, better Lakers hand Warriors 33-point loss at hom

Pregame Videos

Pregame: None found so far.

Postgame Videos

Highlights by orangino. (Yes, we had a few.)

Kobe on Stephen Jackson

Early in the 4th qtr, Jim said this on the telecast:
Jim: I never told you this, but when he and Stephen Jackson got into it in that exhibition game down in LA, at the Forum, Kobe, after the game told me, he said, "I'm going to make you look good on television. I'm going for FIFTY when I play against Stephen Jackson the first time at your arena." He was serious, too.
Bob: That'll be in Charlotte. That won't be here.
Jim: Well, let's watch it.
<Bob comments about the game...>
Jim: Those were his words. He said, "I'll make you look good on television. You go on before the game and tell him that I'm going for fifty."