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Game Thread #16: Golden State Warriors vs. Indiana Pacers - Do you remember the times...

(What if Mike Dunleavy Jr. picked hairstylist as his career instead of NBA player?)

Warriors: 5-10

Pacers: 6-8

Tipoff: 7:30 PST

TV: CSN Bay Area

SBNation Indiana Pacers blog: Indy Cornrows

If there was one game this season to watch, I would say this one would be it.

Why? Well, given how the fate of this season has seemed to play itself out already in the first 15 games, I would say this game has value....historical value.

A game like this marks the return of two former Warriors who were run out of town, which subsequently brought us the unforgettable "We Believe" Warriors. A long time has passed, but the follies of a young Mike Dunleavy Jr. bricking wide-open jumpers or getting poster-rized trying to draw a charge will forever be burned into our memories. And since Dun and Murph parted ways with the Warriors (and vice versa), both have found success in their own ways (dare I say Murph is a MVP in the "fantasy" world of fantasy basketball?)Fortunately, Mike Dunleavy Jr. wlll actually be playing today, so all of us Warrior fans can wax nostalgia this evening. Boo if you like. I know I will be from my couch at home.

This game should be interesting as both teams' offenses like to get up and down the floor and they definitely got some shooters in Danny Granger and Troy Murphy.


  • Warriors by 7
  • Monta Ellis - AT LEAST 27 points tonight.
  • Danny Granger - 34 points and 13 boards
  • Stephen Curry finally has someone to pick on in this league: TJ Ford (damn you TJ for ruining the beginning of my Fantasy bball team this year).
  • We'll see at least 3 of these:

  • Troy Murphy gets a standing ovation.
  • Mike Dunleavy Jr. does not.

What are your predictions for today's game?

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