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5 Questions for Stephen Jackson's Agent Mark Stevens

UPDATE (11/9/09 7:43am): Adding question #6 for Stevens: Do you realize Nellie ressurected your client's career and took it to new heights when practically NO ONE in the league wanted anything to do with him?


Over on Chris Broussard details a telephone tantrum courtesy of Stephen Jackson's agent Mark Stevens who seems to be all about killing his client's trade value.

So the first question you're probably asking is who is Mark Stevens? (Okay that's probably your second one, since the first question you're asking is- when is Chris Cohan finally selling the Golden State Warriors?). Jump for the answer to your second question and 5 additional questions for the agent of the "Captain".

Believe it or not Stevens is Ron Artest's (former?) agent. Makes you wonder if Stevens had some fond memories of the Malice at the Palace or something.

Check out these pieces from Sports Agent Blog for a little background:

This part in particular caught my eye:

The main problem in the whole Indiana-Sacramento-Ron Artest-Mark Stevens line of communication was the fact that Ron Artest and his Agent that he pays to negotiate for him, were not on the same page. Gavin Maloof, part-owner of the Sacramento Kings even said, "Obviously, I guess they weren't on the same page."In any type of negotiation, it is vital that a client's Agent knows the client's wish-list and that the client defends his agent throughout the negotiation. Apparently, in this case, there was a lack of correctness on both fronts.

I have one final request for all current and future Agents. PLEASE, do not go to the media unless you are sure it will be beneficial. Obviously, the media was all over Artest, the Kings, the Pacers, and Mark Stevens to try to squeeze out any info possible. But if there is any uncertainty within any camp in a negotiation, solve the problem internally before the public has a chance to scrutinize your ability to do your job.

Good to see Stephen Jackson associating himself with such a "successful" agent.

5 Questions for the "Captain's" Agent

1. Did it ever hit you and your client that each and every inane public outburst you guys make just makes decreases the chances some other GM and head coach are willing to foolishly trade for Jackson and the remaining 3 years on his contract (thank you Robert Rowell)?

2. Do you charge your clients extra for unfathomably making it even harder for home fans to root for them?

3. Do you seriously want to bring up "credibility and character" when your client is none other than "Captain" Jack?

4. Do you really think it's classy or the least bit wise to talk trash about your client's head coach through the media when he's still playing for him?

5. Who are you again?

Got any other questions for the "Captain" and his agent?

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