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Introducing Poor Man's Commish!


Ready for more hoops insight from one of the best hoops evaluators I know? From knowing whether a guy needs to do more squats to improve his defensive stance to predicting the first Asian American player in the NBA to fixing the release on a jump shot, Poor Man's Commish is all about basketball. He's a hoops junkie and the commissioner of Dream League, the largest Bay Area recreational basketball league (thus the moniker Poor Man's Commish). The hours upon hours upon hours over many years of basketball observation gives him a unique insight into what makes players special. If you want to check out some of his analysis, he's written numerous fan posts with the bulk of it breaking down the Summer League and its players.

For GSoM, he's going to contribute in much the same way the rest of the GSoM staff does by writing articles on hoops (Warriors and NBA in general) and writing recaps, but he'll also continue his Summer League scouting and jump start the GSoM Twitter account, unstoppablebaby.

We're defintely excited to bring Poor Man's Commish onto the team. If you want to check out more of what he's done, go to his blog, Poor Man's Commish. It's my pleasure to have another top notch writer contribute to the site, so please welcome Poor Man's Commish as the newest writer to the unstoppableness that is Golden State of Mind!

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