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Introducing... Feltbot!

Just like the rest of the GSoM Crew, you're probably well aware of the masterful craftiness of Feltbot. You've witnessed his guest recaps on GSoM and Feltbot's Warriors blog. So naturally we asked the good man to join our growing and unstoppable band of hoops junkies. Here's how it went when Fantasy Junkie and I tried to get Feltbot to join our writing staff...

AB1: "Feltbot! Felbot-tronics! Felt-botanical gardens! Join our golden crew and as we say over here in Dubs land, you'll have a great time out!"

FJ: "Plus we've got fly threads! I mean you saw our retro GSoM Night 7 jerseys. Just wait till you see what we've got in store for GSoM Night 8!"

Feltbot: "This is all very true and sounds exactly like the kind of exciting, labor intensive, low paying gig I've been searching for all my life! I'm in. BUT...

AB1: "But what?

Feltbot: "I'll only join the crew if you two jokers beat me in a game of poker."

FJ: "Ummm, this shouldn't be too hard. I mean AB1 and I are the masters of fantasy sports. Poker? Psshhh... we got this!"

AB1: <whispers to FJ: "Are you nuts?!">




Jump to see how the poker game transpired.

Feltbot's Hand



Fantasy Junkie + Atma Brother #1's Hand



FJ: "WHEW. You know I was just joking about us being good at poker."

AB1: "They don't call us unstoppable baby for nuthin'!"

Please put your fingers to your keyboard and give Feltbot a golden welcome to the GSoM Crew!

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