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GSOM Night 8: Tony.psd + Anthony Morrow

I know I just posted something about GSOM Night 8, but the final piece of all the GSOM Night 8 goodies just got approved so I wanted to share it with you all. In addition to the post-game Q&A with Anthony Morrow, every GSOM Night ticket will receive a free Tony.psd designed t-shirt. Playing off the Warriors-Kings matchup, we wanted to give the shirt a feel for that specific night. With the crown on top of the 8, the "8" as an indication of how successful the GSOM Nights have been, the 8 also representing Monta, and the Real Kings of Cali tagline, it's one of the more clever shirt designs Tony's designed. The only way to get this hot t-shirt design is to purchase a ticket to GSOM Night 8. I'll be there, the GSOM crew will be there, hopefully you and lots of your friends will be there to cheer on the Warriors and show Morrow some love after the game.


Warriors game + Friday night + Tony.psd shirt + A-Mo Q&A + heavily discounted tickets = GSOM Night 8.

Don't miss out on the chance to attend the post-game Q&A with Anthony Morrow and also pick up one of these special t-shirts. I'm gonna have Tony.psd sign mine! All the info you need is below, including ticket prices and how to get your tickets.

Friday, January 8, 2010 @ 7:30p vs Sacramento Kings

Tickets (Purchase Tickets Online)
- Club 200 Sideline (rows 1-9): $32 each ($18 discount)
- Club 200 Corner/Baseline: $20 each ($15 discount)

For Every Ticket Purchased

- You get to attend the exclusive post-game Anthony Morrow Q&A session
- You will be entered into a raffle for free tickets, merchandise and memorabilia
- You will receive a free Tony.psd t-shirt






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