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Warriors Web Links - Thursday Practice Notes

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After the fans rained boos on Radman's poor shooting Wednesday night, the main subject of Thursday's practice news is his shooting.


- Before Matt Steinmetz went to practice, he held a 1 hour online chat. He even answered a couple of my questions!
Matt Steinmetz chat: December 17th transcript

Practice News

- Most of the talk is on Radman's boos and shooting. MT2 has a little bit on Morrow's slump.
John Shea: Radmanovic's funk has team scouring D-League ( Marcus Thompson II: Vladimir Radmanovic and Anthony Morrow are in scoring slump for Golden State Warriors
Marcus Thompson II: Vlad Rad Gets It
Matt Steinmetz: W's Radmanovic doesn't fault boo birds

KNBR mp3s

- Don Nelson's weekly radio show.
16:22 min long: Don Nelson with Ralph and Tom, mp3

Practice Videos

Nellie about the team's progression.

Radman about his shooting.

My Notebook

- In the Bell+Radman trade, the player the Warriors wanted was Bell. Radman was a "throw in" piece.
- The Warriors are scouring the D League for another hardship exception player.
- Radman understands the boos, knows he has to work on his shot.
- Nellie doesn't think Randolph's stamina is ready for heavy minutes yet.
- Nellie thinks the 4 spot is more complicated than the 5, so he wants Randolph to learn off the 5 spot for now, and eventually move back over to the 4.
- Matt Steinmetz will hold his online chat every Wed at noon at his chat page.