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Polling GSoM: Who should the Golden State Warriors call up from the D-League? Rod Benson, Rob Kurz, Dontell Jefferson

Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings. GSoM Night 8. We're the Real Kings of Cali without a doubt, but what would make the affair even more royal?

GSoM friend Rod Benson!

Scott Schroeder who's still as ridiculous as ever over at the superb Ridiculous Upside has not 1, but 3 D-League ballas for the Warriors to choose from in Warriors Granted 2nd Hardship Exception; Rod Benson's Available!


It's time to make the call!


Links, pics, and more after the jump!

Rod Benson


'nuff said

2220799787_f18ec5a277_o_medium 2221592310_a2f437c508_o_medium

GSoMer nativeson on the Photoshop one's and two's.


From the Golden Vault:

Rob Kurz

Imagine the Warriors could instantly get someone that head coach Don Nelson thought was better than Anthony Randolph (also see RUMOR: New York Knicks and Houston Rockets interested in Golden State Warriors forward Anthony Randolph) for most of last season. He even has a miracle shot as a member of the Dubs on his resume.

See Polling GSoM: Are you going to miss Rob Kurz?


It's take 2 for Rob Base, but Rob Kurz takes 3.

Dontell Jefferson

Everything you could ever want to know about Jefferson and more is over at his SB Nation player page.


You thought he was good in the video games? Wait till you see him in real life!


This is not going to be an easy decision folks. Thanks again to our man Scott at Ridiculous Upside for the 411.

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