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GAME THREAD: Warriors vs. Wizards - The Battle of the W's


Man, times have changed.

Warriors: 7-17

Wizards: 7-16

Tip-Off: 7:30 pm

TV: CSN Bay Area and ESPN

Radio: KNBR 680

Blog Buddy: Bullets Forever

Around the Association: Guess Who's Bizzack?

Take a look at the win-loss column for both teams. We're both at 7. Can you even believe that? 7 WINS? That's it?

With all the talent on these two teams, you'd think things would be different. But as this ESPN Insider Article (one of the few we're ever going to get from them) points out, both teams have tremendously different paths to those 7 wins.


For the league's three "W" teams, 2009-10 hasn't produced many W's. The Warriors, Wizards and Wolves are a combined 18-56, with all three falling short of what already were fairly modest expectations this season.

That 18 wins between three teams? Technically speaking, the team's name in Minnesota is the TIMBERWOLVES, but we'll leave that to Hollinger to think about.

In Golden State, it appears the decision may have already been made. The Warriors have made everybody on their roster available in trade discussions, even young pieces like Anthony Randolph and Stephen Curry

That also really really really sucks. I know this has been discussed plenty on the front page, but I have yet toss my thoughts down (seeing as though all you really care about what I think...)

I understand Randolph has not been "living up to his potential" but this is exactly what you get for hyping up the man so much in the offseason. 42 points in Summer League? So what? All that means is that the man has potential. No one's disagreed with that from day 1. His numbers are unreal and the sky is the limit.

BUT, he clearly is not comfortable on the court. Something's missing and I would venture to say it starts with his balance. He ends up on the ground so many times a game, you would think he was in trouble with his parents. Sure they Just Don't Understand, but stay up man! (Gotta love that Fresh Prince reference!)

Should we trade him now? N to the O. Waaaayyyy too much to give up on and too early to even try.


Stephen Curry? Why his name even mentioned? We've had him for what..3 months? Just because he didn't put up 55 points in a game like B-Jennings doesn't mean we have the worst player in last year's draft. No need to jump to conclusions, no need to act like we might not have our future point guard. Keep the man!


Of course, further trades wouldn't satisfy Bay Area fans -- with just one playoff appearance in the past 15 years, they're hoping the next rebuilding project starts with owner Chris Cohan's selling the team and continues with the exit of team president Robert Rowell and the front office, all the way down to coach Don Nelson.

I'm done talking about that. Really, I am. We all feel the same way about Cohan's ownership and Rowell's wheelings and dealings. That's that.

At 7-18, it's clear that this season's group isn't going anywhere in the hypercompetitive West, but the Warriors still have a lot of talent on the roster.

Didn't your mom every tell you that if you didn't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all? Meanie...

Playoffs are out of the picture (unless someone wants to come up with some ridiculous trade proposal and then some ridiculous run that we would have to go on to get to WE BELIEVE 2 status...) and this season is out of the picture. Why? Blame it on the injuries, blame on the young guns, blame it o the ownership, blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol?


Whatever...throw in the towel for the season cause of Rob Rowell.

At his best, Monta Ellis is an electrifying scorer, leading all guards in points in the paint while averaging 24 ppg.

Now Monta's a funny one. I feel as though I've gone through the same love/hate relationship that Philly fans have gone through with Allen Iverson. One minute he's this "electrifying" scorer, going sky high, making these insane drives and pulling out 360-reverse-no-look-behind-the-back-under-the-legs-layup. Next, he's on a Moped destroying our hopes for a season and questioning his maturity (didn't your mom ever tell you not to lie?) and destroying his ankle. Then he starts saying things like "I can't do it" and acting a bit too much like Stephen Jackson. THEN, his buddy leaves, and somehow he becomes our great leader scoring over 30 points 5 games in a row. that really a big stat on a team that runs and plays no defense? Is that REALLY a great number considering out top scorer was recently traded? As someone said to me after I argued SJax put up LeBron type numbers last year in the month of January...doesn't SOMEONE need to score those points? It just happens to be Monta. Are those numbers really all that great considering he's leading the league in turnovers? What kind of point guard does that?

I don't know man...


Forward Corey Maggette takes flak for his contract but has one of the league's highest per-minute scoring rates and shoots a solid percentage.

Ok look, I know Corey's usually the scapegoat and everyone's mad about his contract and his lack of whatever for it, but you can't get mad at him for it. That's Rowell's fault. Maggs comes out every game, plays hard, plays with heart, and is a straight professional.

Stop with the boos already. He's one of the last people to deserve it that's part of this organization.


And center Andris Biedrins, who has played only four games this season, is a talented 23-year-old center with a 60.5 percent career shooting mark.

I'm sick of hearing about Andris and his "talent." He's a great guy, he was putting up double-doubles when he played, but where is now? 4 games in the season so far? I know you can't help injuries, but this is the 2nd year in a row! We payed him that kind of money for...this?

I'm not mad at him necessarily but I am mad at the Amar'e trade that almost hapened. ALMOST HAPPENED. What was the main argument that was used for why we shouldn't bring on Stoudamire?


Are you kidding me? Andris isn't? BWright isn't?


Those four players, along with the ridiculously accurate Anthony Morrow (46.9 percent career mark on 3-pointers)

If we're keeping one guy on this team, I hope to the basketball Gods it's Ammo. 47% 3-pointers CAREER? Who does that? The talent's there, no doubt, but I think the best part about Chocolate Rain is that he knows NOW how to play within his game. He understands his role and brings it hard every night.

He's been in a slump lately, ever since he took some time off for the death in the family. I hope he comes back to form sooner rather than later.


As a result, the Warriors are pretty much in the same place we find themselves in every season: with too many one-on-one scorers and far too little of anything else. They have the assets to remedy the situation; they've just never shown any willingness to do so.

One very very very VERY simple way to fix this. GET NEW OWNERSHIP.


Moving on...

Wizards fans might rightly argue, however, that Golden State is in much better shape than their team

I feel so sad for Wizards fans if this is truly the case. We're terrible and one road victory is like winning the NBA Finals. Can't imagine how it would be for Wizards fans.


they have one genuinely horrible contract in Gilbert Arenas' six-year, $111 million deal that still has four seasons to go after this one. Yes, the Warriors have a couple doozies on their roster, too, but nothing of this magnitude. Arenas is giving them midlevel-caliber production at a superstar price, and it will be virtually impossible to trade him given his history of knee problems and middling production this season. Not even the Warriors would take the bait on that.

Ha ha ha Hollinger. "Not even the Warriors would take the bait on that"? Is that supposed to be a low blow or something? I distinctly remember we did offer a silly and comparable contract to Agent 0, only to get "laughed at" and denied.

It's sad to say, but it's time to turn over Gil because he's done. All these injuries have added up and he ain't the same. It's sad to say, but the Wizards would be better served elsewhere.


Washington should also look into finding a new home for 29-year-old Caron Butler; dealing him for an expiring contract could shave another $10 million from next season's bill. That might be done more easily, however, if Butler would make some shots. He's having his worst season since his second one in Miami, shooting only 41.4 percent from the floor and shedding four points from his 40-minute scoring average.

How bout...Devean George, Speedy Claxton, and Vlad Rad for Butler? No receipt necessary. K, thanks.

Guy that's not making his shots? Hey, we've got plenty of those anyway. At least Butler does those cool NBA Cares commercials. I'd love to have a decent fellow on this team.


Otherwise, it's a veteran team, with the decision to trade the No. 5 pick in the draft for Mike Miller and Randy Foye only exacerbating the Wizards' increasingly tilted age profile.

This is by far the hardest part of the Wizard's story. They decided to make a "Celtics" move and trade their future for a "win-now" mentality. The thought of a healthy Areneas-Jamison-Butler combo was a good enough to consider as a "Big 3" and justify getting some role players for that #5 draft pick. Kinda crazy in a loaded draft like last year's...but they did it.


Now look.

These teams are both a mess and there's no way around it.


R Dizzle's Predictions

  • Warriors by 10
    Gilbert does NOT get warm welcome by fans at home
  • Vlad Rad and Maggs get booed
  • Monta Ellis with 30 points
  • I'm excited to watch the first 20 minutes of the game, but then I cry at the disaster that is called "basketball" the rest of it

But hey, at least I get to have fun! Yes, today is the 2nd Annual GSoM Holiday Party and we're all excited to hang out, chill at the game and enjoy a "Great Time Out!"


Recaps, pics, and analysis to come tomorrow....


Who's going to the get the "W" tonight?

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