FansVsCohan.Com The Newest Warriors Fan Movement

Fans Vs. Cohan is officially online! Fans Vs. Cohan is a fan movement, powered by the fans of the Golden State Warriors, and aiming to serve the fans. Sports Illustrated has recently awarded Christopher Cohan’s Golden State Warriors as the "Worst Franchise of the Decade," a title that Cohan has deservedly earned. We exist so that the next decade can be different.

We are going to make it clear to Cohan, and to all observers, that this season will be his last season making profit owning the Golden State Warriors. Please check the calendar to see when we will be at Oracle Arena making our presence felt. After sixteen years of underachieving, black will be the official color of this movement, and we ask that all supporters dress in black while attending Warriors games.

My name is Steven, and I am the webmaster of this site. I am just a fan, convinced that we cannot become contenders as long as Cohan remains owner. If you share this sentiment, then this movement is for you.

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