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GAME THREAD #20 - Warriors @ Thunder - Battle For Our Mascot

They ain't all that good - but they're better than us! Welcome to Oklahoma.

Indeed, tonight the Dubs take the floor against the Oklahoma Thunder, a team full of seriously lethal young guns who are making a bid to make a name for themselves in the Western Conference.

Coming off of a loss to the mighty might Celts, the Thunder will likely be looking to treat this game like an ego booster; and why the heck not? So far this debilitated Warriors squad has played the role of a conference bottom feeder to a tee. While the glimmers of potential have popped up (hello Randolph v Orlando!) we have yet to establish any sort of consistent level of play.

Unless you count bad...

Warriors: 6-13

Thunder: 10-9

Tip-Off: 5:00pm PST


Radio: KNBR 680

Blog Buddy: Welcome to Loud City

It's a 5-game road trip and it sure would be great to get it off to a winning start. Durant has historically proven that he can have his way around our soft Warrior defense so if we can cool him down, we might have a shot at this W.

At the very least, maybe we can take our mascot back.


  • Randolph keeps the momentum alive. Double double for him.
  • Curry dishes out 8+ dimes
  • Monta - 30+ points.
  • Warriors by 5

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