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Polling GSoM: Andris Biedrins vs. David Lee

Here's a good one for you. Let's compare double-double machines. West Coast vs. East Coast. Okay, I'll admit 2Pac vs. Biggie this is not, but still it's an interesting discussion.

Both Andris Biedrins (out for tonight's "big" game) and David Lee are averaging double-doubles. Both are poor defenders. Both are gobbling 11.8 rodmans nightly. Both aren't impressive passers. Both are shooting nearly 57% from the field. Both do not have 3-point range. Both for play for coaches that... um, like their offense a lot.

Here's where they differ:

  • Biedrins is listed as being 2 inches taller than Lee (6-11 vs. 6-9), but he's only 5 pounds heavier (245 vs. 240). Pound-for-pound Lee is stronger.
  • Lee is putting up more points than Biedrins (16.2 ppg vs. 13.0 ppg). Hey, it helps to have a jumper.
  • Biedrins is 3 years younger than Lee.
  • Lee can actually hit his free throws (77.6% this season) and doesn't have one of the most hideous FT strokes this league has seen since Chris Dudley (ahem, Biedrins at 56.0%).
  • Biedrins is averaging more take-aways with 1.2 steals (career high) and 1.6 blocks this season. Lee's 0.9 steals and 0.3 blocks are even less impressive.

Andris Biedrins Player Profile | David Lee Player Profile

Lee was Isiah Thomas' best pick and Biedrins was Chris Mullin's best 1st round selection to date.

I'm sure our friends over at Posting and Toasting have some insights to share as well. Vote or Die!

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