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OPEN THREAD: NBA All-Star Friday 2009

UPDATE: Don't miss the:


Originally posted: Feb 13, 2009 10:51 AM PST

All-Star Friday is going to be hot like Phoenix. Today's festivities include:

Jump like you're in the dunk contest for a more detailed preview of the All-Star celeb game and the annual Rook-Soph game!

NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

Here's the participants list for this exhibition game:

Clyde Drexler (NBA legend)
Dominique Wilkins (NBA legend)
Chris Tucker (Actor/comedian)
James Denton (Desperate Housewives)
Donald Faison (Scrubs)
Terrell Owens (Dallas Cowboys receiver)
Zach Levi (Chuck)
Michael Rapaport (Prison Break)
Dan Majerle (Phoenix Suns legend)
Rick Fox (L.A. Lakers legend)
Lisa Leslie (L.A. Sparks)
Kara Lawson (Sacramento Monarchs)
"Wildkat" Edgerson (Harlem Globetrotters)
"Special K" Daley (Harlem Globetrotters)
"Scooter" Christensen (Harlem Globetrotters)
"Handles" Franklin (Harlem Globetrotters)

Coaches: Magic Johnson, Julius Erving

Word around town is that Chris Brown was cut from the roster because he didn't exactly say "Yo Excuse Me Miss" to Rihanna. (Seriously CHRIS BROWN?! What is this world coming to to?)


* Clyde doesn't stretch pre-game (the legend about him never stretching was crazy), but still glides to the rim like it was 1991.

#8 on Manute?! Silly.

* Old man Nique still has a few tricks up his sleeve and shows us why he's still the Human Highlight Film. 

* Chris Tucker dances like Michael Jackson- fool 'cause it's FRIDAY!


* Donald Faison is Clueless about hoops and is only subbed in with the Scrubs. Remember he just plays a doctor on TV.



* Instead of waiting for his offensive coordinator to call his number, T.O. passes himself the damn ball. After he throws it down, he runs to the logo at center court and poses.


* Thunder Dan shows why he's the man.


* Only Faker fans actually think Rick Fox is a "legend". By the way Fox needs to go on The Game. He's the worst part about that show. Can they sub in his buddy Doug Christie? Might want to ask his wife for permission first though!


* Lisa Leslie plays better D than any of the Warriors (not including Ronny Turiaf).


Dynasty in the making!

* Magic coaches better than he did with the Fakers in 1993-1994.

Magic Johnson Talking to Vlade Divac, Former Los Angeles Lakers superstar guard and current coach Earvin 'Magic' Johnson (right) talks with player Vlade Divac during a Lakers basketball game at the Forum., © Neal Preston/CORBIS, RM, 2, Adults, African Americans, Americans, Athlete, Ball game, Basketball, Basketball game, Basketball player, Basketball team, Basketball uniform, Blacks, Clothing, Coach, Coaching, Communications, Competition, Conversation, Diversity, Eastern Europeans, Ethnic diversity, Europeans, Forum, Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson, Males, Menswear, Necktie, Neckwear, Occupations and work, Outfit, People, Professional basketball team, Prominent persons, Sports, Sports event, Sports team, Sports uniform, Teaching, Uniform, Vlade Divac, Whites, Yugoslavians

* Dr. J not only coaches fundamentals, but goes Tommy Abdenour when his players have an injury.


Who needs med school when you got hops like these?


NBA Rook-Soph Game


Michael Beasley (Heat)
Rudy Fernandez (Trail Blazers)
Marc Gasol (Grizzlies)
Eric Gordon (Clippers)
Brook Lopez (Nets)
O.J. Mayo (Grizzlies)
Greg Oden (Trail Blazers)
Derrick Rose (Bulls)
Russell Westbrook (Thunder)

Assistant Coach: Dwyane Wade



Aaron Brooks (Rockets)
Wilson Chandler (Knicks)
Kevin Durant (Thunder)
Al Horford (Hawks)
Luis Scola (Rockets)
Al Thornton (Clippers)
Rodney Stuckey (Pistons)
Thaddeus Young (Sixers)

Assistant Coach: Dwight Howard



  • The bearded Rook Twin Towers Gasol and Oden collect a combined 7 swats.
  • Brook misses his Robin, but continues his unexpected run for R.O.Y. honors.
  • O.J. puts a little mayo on a pass to Westbrook for the jam. Somewhere PJ Carlesimo and Latrell Sprewell are at a bar together smiling. (Mustard, mayo- same thing.)
  • Aaron Brooks goes Warriors killer on the 1st years.
  • Chandler shows why Isiah's always one of a NBA scout's best Friends.
  • Durant and Green wonder why Westbrook always looks so open when they're on offense.
  • The 28 year old Scola feels frustrated that he's still stuck in the 10th grade.
  • Assistant Coaches DWade and DHoward are bored out of their mind and start shooting HORSE like it's a pick-up game when the two team's are on the other side of the court.
  • Rooks by 1 to break the Soph's 7 year ownage.

Can you believe it's only been two years since this? My things have changed.

Happy NBA All-Star Weekend!

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