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OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs Lakers

Well, can't accuse us of not having fresh legs!

After a decent All-Star Weekend, we can rest comfortably knowing that our beloved Warriors were taking in the festivities in the same manner as their loyal fans.

From their couches.

As annoying as that may be, we do have one thing going for us. A little R&R!


"Garcon! Bring me a Corona!"

Warriors (W-L): 19-35

Lakers (W-L): 43-10

Tip-Off: 7:30 PST


Radio: KNBR

If there is one thing we are going to need tonight, it's fresh legs. Have you looked at the Pacific Division Standings recently? Lakers on top. Looked at the best record in the NBA lately? Lakers again. It's all proven in our basic mathematical theorem below.

Kobe+Odom+Gasol = Powerhouse

Hey at least they don't have Bynum out there right now, right? In fact, we should be seeing some of our old friend D.J. Mbenga on the floor tonight. Turiaf on Mbenga? Now that's a center matchup I can get down with!

After a showdown with the Hawks last night, we can only hope that the Lakers All Stars are run down. As we all know, if it comes down to a battle of energy in the Oracle, Lakers or not, you're going to have to put up a fight.


  • Jackson - 5+ assists
  • Randolph dunks on Odom
  •  Mbenga has a career night
  • Um... Warriors by 1.


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