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OPEN THREAD: NBA Trade Deadline 2009

UPDATE (12:45pm): Oddly enough both Mullin lotto busts Ike Diogu and Patrick O'Bryant got traded in the last 24 hours. Unfortunately it looks like the Warriors did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Really makes you want to "BUY TICKETS! BUY TICKETS!! BUY TICKETS!!!" for next season doesn't it? Looks like 2009-2010 will be rebuilding year x15 of the ridiculously incompetent Cohan era, but let's see what happens this summer. I'd really like this guy.


Looking over the minute distribution from last night's expected loss to the LA Lakers makes you wonder. Despite having trouble getting the ball in the hole Monta Ellis played 45 minutes. Was Nellie trying to prove to other teams that his ankle is fine? Despite another terrible night in terms of shooting and turnovers, Stephen Jackson played 45 minutes, wound up with an impressive 9 dimes, 6 boards, 2 blocks, and 1 steal, plus some great D on Kobe. Was Nellie trying to showcase Jack as a key cog for a contender this year? Despite playing sporadically, prior to this game Anthony Randolph logged nearly 28 minutes and even though he was a little wild, very few folks would disagree that his 14-12 with 2 swats outing was his finest performance to date. Was Nellie trying to hype up his potential, so that it would be easier to shop him around and fool some other team for an All-Star? Some reports had Marco Belinelli sitting this one out, but he still logged 15 minutes and dropped 4 dimes with 0 turnovers (that has to be the most un-Jack like line there). Was Nellie trying to showcase him as a versatile player with a (mythical) great shot?

I know there's obviously holes in each of those conspiracy theories, but around this time of the year it's fair to ask those questions.

I believe the Warriors really are far away from the top 9 teams in the West. It's time to make some bold moves. No one should be untouchable on this 19-36 roster, especially given how tough the West is. If something big doesn't happen today, then Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell are going to have a very difficult time this spring getting season ticket holders and others to "BUY TICKETS! BUY TICKETS!! BUY TICKETS!!!"

All I know is that Adonal Foyle's $9 million expiring deal sure would've come in handy today. But I guess common sense and long term vision is too much to ask from Cohan, Rowell, and Chris Mullin.

Post any rumors, links, thoughts, updates, etc that you've got about today's trading frenzy in the National Basketball Association in the comments.

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