Sign Mikki Moore

The Kings just waived Mikki Moore.  Warriors should sign him, here's why:

  • Maybe he doesn't want to move out of his home in Northern California, and would sign with us for a discount.  Something around the BAE (~$1.8mil) (if we still have it).
  • Career per 36 stats: 55% FG, 8 RPG, 1 BPG, 12 PPG
  • He has an adjusted +/- over the last 2 years of +0.63.  A positive plus/minus for a backup big man is pretty rare.
  • He's a legit 7 footer with energy and athleticism to keep up with us
  • He's a 10 year vet, a big man Nelson could actually trust out there in crucial situations (so we don't have to have Maggette out there at PF)
  • He would be the 5th PF/C on our depth chart, ensuring that we can almost always have 2 big men on the court regardless of injuries (unlike last night).
  • We'd have some more depth and flexibility in the offseason, in case we wanted to trade a big or two for a really good player.
  • He's not a waste-of-space practice body like Rob Kurz and Jamereo Davidson are.  Nelson could actually give Moore minutes.

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