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Polling GSoM: Baron Davis for Corey Maggette and Marcus Williams

Sure it was pretty amusing to see Chris Mullin's favorite trio of bigs- Ike Diogu (poor Sactown), Patrick O'Bryant, and Adonal Foyle - all get moved before this year's trading deadline, but this report from MT [Bay Area News Group] is what caught my eye:

Once mentioned in the rumor mill, linked to players such as Phoenix's Amare Stoudemire and Toronto's Chris Bosh, the Warriors passed on the chance to alter their team. They even rejected the Los Angeles Clippers' offer to trade former Warriors guard Baron Davis for forward Corey Maggette and guard Marcus Williams, a team source confirmed.

Note that a team source actually confirmed the Dubs rejected Boom Dizzle for Maggette and that lucky guy who gets free courtside season tickets at the Roaracle this year. Are you surprised, shocked, upset, happy, unsure about what to think about the Warriors not bring back Baron Davis to the Bay Area in exchange for an injury-prone, overpaid 6th man and this year's Kosta Perovic?

At 19-36 the 2008-2009 Golden State Warriors aren't exactly BOOMing, but then again neither is BD playing under Mike Dunleavy Sr. for Warriors South aka the LA Clippers. We all know how bad the Warriors have been this season, but I'll pass the mic to my man ClipperSteve from the mighty Clips Nation to tell you how bad BD looked the other night and has been all season:

We're almost immune to it now. Our expectations have been steadily downgraded from 'All Star' to 'Top NBA point guard' to 'solid NBA point guard' to 'starting NBA point guard' to 'please get him out of the game.' Interestingly, MDsr did just that in the second quarter tonight: with Baron's minutes quite low and no foul trouble, MDsr replaced him with Mardy Collins for the last 3 minutes of the first half, which is the first time I can recall that happening this season.

Even in the second half, when he made 6 of 9 shots to finish with 14 points, he just looked terrible. He is slow, he can't jump, he can't move laterally and he can't shoot. Some players appear to play in slow motion - in a good way. A guy like Brandon Roy never seems to be going too fast, but he just gets by his man time and time again and the game looks simple for him. Baron Davis appears to be in slow motion too - in a very, very bad way. The game does not look at all simple for him right now. He looks like he's moving more slowly than the other players because he IS moving more slowly than the other players. Think about this - how many times did Fred Jones get to the rim in 30 minutes. How many times did Baron? He is either physically incapacitated, or simply disinterested. But he shouldn't be on the floor.

I'll tell you this much - Tracy McGrady has been terrible this year, and is having micro fracture surgery after 12 long, hard seasons in the league, and he'll be 30 before he plays basketbal again. TMac's career may be over. And I'd trade Baron Davis for him in a nanosecond.


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