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Top 5 Reasons to Watch the Warriors


As we wind down the season and hit the lottery stretch run, is there really any incentive to watch this awful team? Given last year's ticket price hike, they're charging an arm and a leg to watch a team that should be on a permanent Black Friday-like discount. To give the Warriors credit, they have lowered ticket prices to $8 for select games against bad teams. All I have to say is, I feel bad for season ticket holders who paid at least 4 times that to sit in the same section. $65 tickets for $8. $65 is how good management thought the team would be, $8 is how good the team is in reality.

Yes yes, I'm sure most of you are snickering saying there is no good reason to watch this team play, but I aim to prove you wrong.

On to the top 5 reasons...

5. Jamal Crawford's Handles
Dude has ridiculous handles and is so smooth with the ball. For some reason, I love watching him dribble and blow by his man with some crazy move. Unfortunately, he usually takes about 5 dribbles to show off and it usually doesn't accomplish much, but it looks nice. Then comes the occasional ankle breaking (ask Ray Allen), which is about as nice as a crazy dunk. People pay to watch great dunkers, I'd pay to watch ankles get broken.


4. Back to back games against two former Warrior fan favorites
There will be people who roll their eyes at this. Well keep on rolling. Warrior fans are loyal folks and when players become fan favorites they become family, for better or worse. Two players who will always be remembered for the most memorable Warriors moments in the last 15 years.

Phoenix comes to town on March 15. Jason Richardson comes back to Oakland. The last time he came, he showed some flash and certainly entertained the crowd. He got stuffed by Ronny Turiaf on a dunk attempt so maybe he'll come back and try to electrify the Oakland crowd.

The Clippers visit a couple days later and hopefully Baron is healthy. He missed the Clippers only other visit to Oakland because of an injury. If his last game against the Warriors is any indication of how he'll play, you can expect the Baron of last year to be on the court.


3. Chris Paul
I love watching Chris Paul because he's a cold blooded killer out there. He'll punch you in the balls if he has to. But seriously, he amazes me every time he plays. He takes control of his team and the game night in and night out. Definitely a guy I'd build my team around and trade just about anybody for. People pay to go see Kobe play, pay to see LeBron play, go pay to see CP3 play and you won't be upset. He's one of the best basketball players on the planet. He's got it all. Defense, offense, leadership.


2. Anthony Randolph
When he hustles and plays with tons of energy, I really enjoy watching him play now. He's like a big ‘ol ball of energy just waiting to unleash himself on some unsuspecting Lamar Odom standing underneath the basket to get dunked on. There's something odd about watching someone so raw, perhaps naïve. He can come up with the highlight play and right now, if I'm not watching for someone on the opposing team, I'm watching for big plays and the growth of our youngsters. Randolph has the capability to do both.

And the number 1 reason to pay money to watch this team play... (drum roll)


1. We're All Warrior Junkies
I know that I say I won't watch many games, perhaps even try to avoid the tv from 7:30-10, but I just know I'll be sitting on the couch with the game on. Like I wrote above, Warrior fans are loyal and we'll still support the team no matter what. Cohan and co are lucky that we're either not smart enough to know better or are starving for basketball. No matter what happens, Warrior fans always seem to support the team.

Why are you going to be watching the rest of the season?

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