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Golden State Septic Tank


No need to call these guys. A Septic Tank is currently being installed at the Roaracle Arena as you read this...

No Crawford tonight, no Jackson vs. Jazz, no Biedrins vs. Pistons [Examiner]:

Tonight it's Jamal Crawford. Sunday against Utah it will be Stephen Jackson. Next Friday against the Detroit Pistons, it will be Andris Biedrins. Warriors coach Don Nelson said he will continue to periodically give one of his veterans a game off so as to facilitate more playing time for the team's youngsters. Nelson said Corey Maggette will miss an upcoming game, too. He just hasn't figured out which one yet.

I thought it was a joke that Jamal Crawford was being singled out and the young fringe NBA 2's on this roster were being gifted playing time, but now it all makes sense (somewhat). Rather than pad the Warriors win total with the heavily loaded home schedule and send them back to the bottom of the lottery, Nellie's tanking it.

Sounds like a good long term plan (debatable), but I can't imagine other season ticket holders being too happy about this after paying the biggest season ticket price in the entire association even after the team missed the playoffs for a ridiculous 13th time in 14 years. The $8 undercutting of the Club 200 season ticket holders is weak too. It's like these poor souls paid nearly a year in advance for the "privilege" to pay about 5 times the price. Cohanomics is wonderful ain't it?

Robert "Buy Tickets! BUY TICKETS! BUY TICKETS!!" Rowell- Guess what's going to happen when season ticket renewals are up this spring?

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