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RECAP: Warriors 109 Bobkittens 112 - I love Fantasy Basketball

Final Boxscore | Open Thread (900+ Comments)


I feel ya Corey, I feel ya

Anyone read my preview? Ya know the one about how we're only a few (and I use that term loosely) games back from the 8th seed and that we were about to make a run to get in the playoffs?

Turns out I was joking.


You see, I wanted to start writing my new column on GSoM titled "Fantasy Basketball" where I make ridiculous predictions and comments. Fantasy Basketball. Get it? I think it's hilarious.

I went to the game hoping to laugh. Big ups to my friend Joksin for hooking me up with dope tickets. We had a lovely time out. Well, not really.

Fantasy Basketball. It's hilarious! Like - funny HA HA.

Funny story - I wasn't laughing at all at the end of the game. In fact, I looked a bit like Maggs. But ya know what? At least Joksin and I had a great conversation!

Wanna peep what we talked about?


[3:00 til the start of the game]

R Dizzle: Damn man! Hella tight seats! Thanks for the hook up!

Joksin: Yeah no problem man. Think we're going to win tonight?

R Dizzle: Are you kidding me? It's TANK TIME!!

Joksin: Yeah I guess you're right. I mean look - there's Jamal Crawford right there in a suit.


R Dizzle: Exactly. You peep my preview on GSoM and my ridiculous predictions? Here's a real one for you - we keep it close all game, go up and down a lot, and then with 6 minutes left in the game we start to tank. Write that one down.

Joksin: We'll see man. We'll see. WE STILL BELIEVE RIGHT?



[1st quarter 11:50 left]

Joksin: Oh snap! GOOD STEAL JACK! Go for the easy basket!

R Dizzle: And...he misses the layup. Awesome.

Jokin: CJ with the put back!

R Dizzle: And...he misses the layup. Awesome.


[1st timeout 8 mins left in the 1st quarter]

R Dizzle: Man, this game is sloppy as hell. It's turnover after turnover and missed layup after missed layup. Can really tank a game like that? I mean, I suck at basketball, but if you're a professional doesn't it take effort to miss a layup?

Joksin: Don't worry man. The Bobkittens don't have a huge lead. It's only 6-4.

R Dizzle: Exactly! We can't win a low scoring game!

Joksin: Whatever man. Cheer up - the Warrior Girls are performing!

R Dizzle: Man, I hate cheerleaders.

Joksin: Why?

R Dizzle: It's a looong story...


[end of the 1st quarter]

R Dizzle: Alright, not so bad. Still sticking close. We're only down 1. Maggs came in and busted some good firepower off the bench. Overpaid 6th man - bu whateves. Gotta work with what we have right? By the way, where's Jamal?

Joksin: He's in the suit remember? Look.


R Dizzle: Right. Hope that doesn't come back to bite us in the...

Joksin: Don't say it man.

[10 minutes left in the 2nd quarter]

Joksin: Wait, wait, is that Anthony Morrow? YES! Why in the world doesn't Nellie play him more?

R Dizzle: Who knows? You just gotta trust the coach. Besides, he is an undrafted rookie. Let's just hope he makes some money shots.

Joksin: Yo isn't DeSagna Diop? We better destroy that fool. Anyone associated the Mavs should be shut down by our team.

R Dizzle: I betcha he gets a decent game.

Joksin: Haha. Vladamir Radmanovic. That guy's a joke. Just because he played with Kobe doesn't make him Kobe. He probably can't hit a 3 to save his life.

R Dizzle: We'll see man. We'll see.


[end of 2nd quarter]

R Dizzle: Um..this is gross. Missed layups. Turnovers all around. Radmanovic is even scoring!

Joksin: Look at the score man. 61-55 Bobcats. I guess they really are tanking.

R Dizzle: Man, if you're going to let Radmanovic, that's right, RADMANOVIC, score on us, then we must be giving up. Where the heck is Beans and Turiaf anyway?


[7 minutes left in the 3rd]

R Dizzle: Whoa, whoa. Where the heck did Beans just come from? He just bust out this quarter with 10 points! Ball movement's coming left and right! Everyone one of 'em came off a dope pass! A few from Marco! Shall we call that - THE INTERNATIONAL CONNECTION?

Joksin: Real original man. We're up 73-68.

R Dizzle: So much for tanking right?

Joksin: Hey look! Warrior Girls!

R Dizzle: Man, I just told you...

Joksin: Right, a week before Valentine's Day. My bad.


[End of the 3rd quarter]

Joksin: What the heck just happened? Sure, Morrow's getting invovled but we're down again! So much for your 6 mins in the 4th prediction!

R Dizzle: Just wait, just wait. By the way, you like that Diop drive to the hoop at the end of the quarter?

Joksin: Quiet you.

[8 minutes left in the 4th quarter]

R Dizzle: This is the sloppiest basketball I've ever witnessed! Bad officiated too! I don't understand these calls at all!

Joksin: Yeah man, bad pass after bad pass. But look at the bright side. We're in the sections where the players' friends and family sit. Look there's Andris' dad and brother. And there's Bellinelli's girlfriend.

R Dizzle: Pretty cool I guess.

Joksin: Look, there's Mike Dunleavy.

R Dizzle: Really? Where?

Joksin: Right there.

R Dizzle: I don't see him.

Joksin: That guy selling the ice cream!

R Dizzle: Nice.


[6 mins left in the 4th quarter]

Joksin: Alright here we are 6 minutes left. You said it'd be tank time.

R Dizzle: Just wait.


R Dizzle: Vladamir with a 3. Awesome.

Joksin: Great prediction.

[18 seconds left. Some bad calls, missed shots, but Stephen Jackson pulls two clutch free throws. Warriors up 109-107]

Joksin: So much for giving up. We've got this game. Up 2, less than 20 seconds left. Who on their team can possibly shoot a 3?

R Dizzle: That guy.

[Boris Diaw hits a 3. Bobcats up 110-109]



Nothing left to do but laugh

[Walking out of the Roarcle]

Joksin: You know who we could have used? What was that guy's name?


R Dizzle: Shut up.

Joksin: Wait look! There are the Warrior Girls! Don't you love cheerleaders?

R Dizzle: I hate you man.


That guy.


I got four words for you.





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