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OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs. Suns - I miss JRich and Barnes



Warriors: 15-34
Suns: 26-20
Tip-Off: 7:30 PM PST
Radio: KNBR 680

Welcome Back to the Bay Jason Richardson and Matt Barnes

Fine fine, I need stop living in the past. But ya know what? THOSE WERE GOOD TIMES.

Someone PLEASE tell me what's good about the Warriors now.

Developing the young players? Give me a break.

Monta's back? He just got reinjured and he's not what he used to be.

We can compete? I'd rather get blown out by teams than see heart breakers like the Heat game, the Kings game, the Cavs game, the Spurs game, and the THUNDER Game. That's right folks, the Thunder game.

There's only one positive I can see right now - ROB KURZ. Well, him and Anthony Morrow - both are straight ballers.

As poor as the Suns played in January, they found life early in February as they destroyed the Kings 129-81. Just what the doctor ordered for the Suns to bring up their spirits. A good beat down of a poor team from California, followed by two more games against ANOTHER poor team from California. Back to back against the Suns? Yipeee...

But enough complaining, as any game against the Suns, I expect to see no defense and a heck of a lot of scoring. Just the way I like my basketball.

Jump for predictions and old skool vids...

R Dizzle's Predictions

  • Warriors lose by 5
  • J-Rich and Matt Barnes receive standing ovations.
  • 3 Monster Dunks by J-Rich
  • Jack and Beans with double-doubles
  • Shaq with 15 boards
  • Rob Kurz with 5 points
  • After seeing Matt Barnes's "We Believe" tat, I contemplate getting one on my left shoulder

Take a trip down memory lane!

Jason Richardson Block on Devin Harris (via orangino)

Matt Barnes Dunks on Nowitzki (via DavStern)

[H4L] Golden State Warriors - Playoffs Live 07 (via renhigotrare)

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