Stoudemire, Bosh, Baron: The Active Warriors’ trade market, as it now stands [Talking Points]

"I think first and foremost the Suns want salary-cap relief and the Warriors do not have any to provide." Aren't you glad the Warriors foolishly bought out Adonal Foyle's contract 2 summers ago instead of just waiting out their mistake and turning it into a valuable bargaining chip? That $9 million expiring contract would be pretty handy right now. Instead the Warriors foolishly burned whatever money they "saved" from that silly buy-out on assembling this horrific roster. Chris Cohan + Robert Rowell + Chris Mullin- this is getting old fellas. You keep making the same silly mistakes. Expiring contracts are valued in this league, especially during the trading deadline (see Brown, Kwame > Pau Gasol > 2008 Western Conference Champion LA Lakers) and the offseason (see Ratliff, Theo > Kevin Garnett > 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics). Get a clue and some semblance of a basic understanding how the current NBA works.