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OPEN THREAD - Warriors vs Nets

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Ahhhh. Good to be home. After an exhausting road trip plagued by a partial squad and... well frankly, the inablility to win, the Warriors are back in the Oracle to face off against the New Jersey Nets.

Now while the Nets have had a rough season (not quite as rough as ours), recently they've had a serious X-factor that has lead the team to some pretty good ball.

Yup. Our old buddy from Dallas. Devin Harris.


Warriors (W-L): 21-42

Nets (W-L): 28-35

Tipoff: 7:30 PDT


Radio: KNBR

Over the past 7 games or so, Harris has been playing the point at All-Star caliber. Given where our team is right now - that doesn't bode well for us. But know that our fight is not only against Harris in the Oracle tonight. We're also talking about a team that also has the inside presence of Yi and of course, a healthy dosage of Vinsanity.

Who am I kidding - every team is a fight for us right now. While the Nets have as many threats as the next team, our biggest foe right now is the inability to form a complete team - both from a roster and a team chemistry standpoint.

Perhaps tonight we will see some forward progress in both of these fronts. Recent Ellis drama aside, rumor has it that both he and Biedrins will take the floor tonight. Is it enough for a win? Who knows. But it does make this game an oppurtunity for a silver lining on a very very very dark cloud.

I'll take what I can get.



  • Jax continues his reign of terror with a fine scoring effort and 6 plus assists.
  • The Nets take more threes than us.
  • The Nets make more threes than us.
  • Monta plays the "point" and ends up with 3 dimes, buuuuut...
  • ...Warriors by 3