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Open Thread: 2009 NBA Lottery

How could I forget? With last night's embarrassing loss to the Phoenix Suns featuring Warrior Killer performances from former We Believers Jason Richardson (31 points in 3 quarters on 73.3% shooting) and Matt Barnes (20 points, 6 rodmans, and 11 dimes), the Warriors have been officially eliminated from the 2009 NBA Playoffs. Non-bandwagon, non-delusional, and non-company line Dubs folk and have known that the playoffs weren't in the picture for this NBDL, 6th man paid like an All-Star, and moped crashing roster since well... October, but it's always nice when things are official.

For those of you counting at home that would be the 14th time during the 15th years Chris Cohan has been the majority owner of the Golden State Warriors for a full season that this organization has not managed to make the playoffs in a league where over half the teams make it to the spring tourney. Suck would be an understatement. Incompetence would be too forgiving. "Unstoppable Baby!" is more appropriate.


Because it's never too early to count super lotto balls for Warriors fans!

If only we could find some random foreign prospect to hype up to no end to humor ourselves and pass time in a somewhat productive if not annoying way.

Jump for some draft links.

It's time for the GSoM community to direct a substantial portion of our hoops fandom towards the NCAA tourney and Ridiculous Upside- hey with Chris Mullin's draft busts and the Marcus Williams trade there's going to be a lot of D-League scouting going on to fill up this roster for the next few years.


Keep your eyes on the prize.
Tank it Nellie! Tank it!

Draft Linkage:

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