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RECAP: Warriors 127 Clippers 120 - I love POTENTIAL

Final Boxscore  |  Open Thread (1000+ Comments)



BD: Hey, wanna come play with me done in LA?  You guys suck without me.

ME: You guys suck with a talented roster!

Let me clarify this one more time - I miss Baron Davis.  He was the heart and soul of a team that played with passion and taught us all how to BELIEVE.

I'm happy to see players like Baron Davis, J-Rich, Matt Barnes, Pietrus, and even Al Harrington succeed where ever they go. I'm happy to hear that Baron received a standing ovation in his player introduction.  Thank you again B-Diddy.

That being said, that time is over and it's now time to move on and look to the future.  Lucky for us, that future is looking mighty bright.... 





I am SO glad I'm not part of the Dunleavy family.

Curiosity killed the Clipps

Let me toss out some things here that don't really make much sense. 

1. We were missing three key players - Andris Biedrins (injury), Stephen Jackson (suspended for too many tech's), Jamal Crawford (currently enrolled in Don Nelson's Rest-a-Vet Program)

2. They had a completely healthy team - starting 5 - Baron Davis, Chris Kaman, Marcus Camby, Eric Gordon (VERY talented rookie), and Al Thorton.  Zach Randolph came off the bench.

3. At one point in the game, GS shot 63% and the Clipps shot 33%.  Somehow the Clippers still had the lead...

4. Baron Davis shot over 50% for the second time this year.  (WHAAAAT?!?!)

5. Rob Kurz did not play.





BD: How did I ever let you convince me to join your team?

Coach Dunleavy: Because we paid you a ton of money.  Now go lose!

Baron Davis

Great to have you back in the Oracle and it makes me even happier to see you feel the same way.

"It was all about the fans tonight. I was just letting them know how much I appreciated them," Davis said. "It was fun playing back in Oracle. It's different being on another team and playing here, but at the same time we wanted to get this victory. It would have been sweet if we got it."

I'm glad you didn't torch us too bad - 29 points and 7 assists are a lot, but you didn't light it up at the end of the game to pull out a win.  Gotta be honest with you Boom Dizzle - with so much talent on the Clippers, doesn't it get frustrating to keep losing?  Man, bet you wish you were at least still in The Bay where the fans would appreciate you...


Anthony Randolph

Gots to give this man his props.  Not only his evolving into a great player, many of his weaknesses at the beggining of the season have diminished.  There are no more dumb fouls, no more silly passes, and the best part - he's getting good at his midrange shot.  6-9 shooting, 14 points, 6 boards, and ONE MONSTER DUNK ON BARON!


Gonna split it this time. 


Monta to the Rim!!

Yes folks, we might be able to use those two words that we've been wanting to say all season.


13-19 shooting, 29 points, 5 boards, and 6 assists.  He's becoming quite the scoring point guard says me.  And so says Coach Nelson.

"He took another nice step," Warriors coach Don Nelson said. "There's nothing wrong with being a scoring point guard. He tried to make plays, ran what coach wanted and showed good vision."




Guess the Clipps are just the team you light it up against.  20 more points?  Jeez man, you keep doing this and we'll start expecting you to be an All Star one day...

Four 3 pointers??!!  Why in the world weren't you drafted?

To be honest, I would have given this guy the WW regardless of him playing seeing as though he signed my GSoM Night 6 shirt...


Am-Mo: Hey!  It's R Dizzle from GSoM!




Am-Mo: Give Tony.PSD his props for the shirt!


R Dizzle: Hey man, can you duck down a bit?  I look real small standing next to you.







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