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RECAP: Warriors y, Jazz x - Mathamatiks

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Final Boxscore  |  Open Thread (900+ Comments)


It's all potential from here

Forget the score.  We lost. 

The Jazz are one of the hottest teams in the NBA.  The Warriors are one of the coldest teams in the NBA.

Sure we beat them 3 weeks ago at home.  They didn't have Boozer or AK-47.

Carlos Boozer + Andrei Kirilenko + Mehmet Okur + Deron Williams, + Kyle Korver, + Paul Millsap = Bad Combo for the Warriors

The probability of the Warriors beating the Jazz last night was approximately 2%.

But that's not what's important here.  Again, forget the score.  I've got some math.



Deron Williams

Here's a mathematical question for you. 

If you're Deron Williams and only score 6 points on 3 of 12 shooting, what does that mean?

You get 20 assists.

DW just kept creating for everyone on his team which is basically why they had 6, yes, 6 players in double figures.  It was almost as if he said to himself, "I'm gonna try to set a new career record for assists tonight."


AND he got stuffed by Anthony Randolph.

Victory = Warriors.

Carlos Boozer

Here's another mathematical question for you.

If you're Carlos Boozer and you're coming off an injury and Anthony Randolph is guarding you in the first quarter, what kind of numbers can you put up?

10 points and 9 boards.

But ya know what?  Forget about those numbers.



Victory = Warriors.

Mehmet Okur

Yet another mathematical question for you.

How many points can you score if Anthony Randolph guards you and you only play 26 minutes?

23 points.


Victory = Warriors (Unstoppable baby!)

Jamal Crawford

What happens when you play for 41 minutes, just got a game rest, and think you have to make up for the captain's absence?


You look like that.

No math involved in that one.  Just thought it was funny.

Anthony Randolph

U = mgh

KE = (1/2)mv^(2)

Recognize those two physics equations?

If not, perhaps a few of these pics will jog your memory.





Got it yet?

The first equation was for potential energy.  The second - for kinetic. 

All that "potential" we have been hoping, searching, and talking about finally came out of AR and became "kinetic."


Sure, he's defense was lacking early in the game and he was the reason Okur went off in the first, but he adjusted, and played with his head for the rest of the game.  He hustled hard and played with heart all game.  All those months of whining, firing agents, and complete silliness (lack of a better word there) finally paid off.  

Future Hall of Famer?  I'm not Lamar Odom, so I won't make such ridiculous claims.

Although in my "Fantasy Basketball" preview, I did say

AR comes down with 25 mins, 20 points, 10 boards

The box score says

26 minutes, 20 points, 8 boards, 4 blocks


Funny how my most accurate prediction was the one I said in jest.

Either way - I am impressed.  Good work Randolph.  Let's hope this continues well into the next 10 years.

Quick Hits

  • Anthony Morrow played a respectable 25 minutes.  Too bad it only came with one three pointer and 5 total points.  Oh ya, and he was absolutely abused by Ashton Kutcher..I mean Kyle Korver by letting him score 17 points. 
  • Rony Turiaf - energy yes, producivity no.  6 points, 4 assists, and 2 boards.
  • BEANS!!  Gobbled up 12 boards.  But foul trouble.
  • Azubookeee with 13 point and 5 boards.  But foul trouble.  
  • Jermareo Davidson with 3 minutes!  WOOT WOOT!
  • Rob Kurz with...DNP.
  • The Jazz are a very deep team.  They are going to be scary come playoff time.
  • Wait, I think we could have used a player that was on the bench in a suit.  What was his name?



KE = (1/2)mv^(2)


By the way.

x > y

112 > 104