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Polling GSoM: Big Man A or Big Man B?

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I was looking over player stats across the association today and this pair of players really made me take a second to pause. Oddly enough, both are listed with the exact same height and weight. Neither is a good defender, so I don't think they have some amazing missing dimension that the stats aren't accounting for. It should be noted that Big Man A has played about 3 more minutes a game this season than his counterpart. Let's see what the mighty GSoM faithful thinks.

Big Man A

  • 13.8 ppg (46.6% FG, 43.0% 3pt, 81.0% FT)
  • 11.8 rpg (2.0 offensive, 9.8 defensive)
  • 2.4 assists : 1.5 turnovers
  • 0.4 blocks
  • 0.8 steals
  • 3.3 fouls

Big Man B

  • 12.8 ppg (57.1% FG, 0 3's attempted, 56.0% FT)
  • 11.6 rpg (3.9 offensive, 7.7 defensive)
  • 2.0 assists : 1.8 turnovers
  • 1.6 blocks
  • 1.1 steals
  • 3.8 fouls

JUMP after you've rocked the VOTE...

Player A is none other than...


[Troy Murphy Yahoo! Player Profile]

Player B is none other than...


[Andris Biedrins Yahoo! Player Profile]

Surprised? Would you change your vote if you knew the names before you voted?