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RECAP: Warriors 116, Nuggets 129

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Final Boxscore  |  Open Thread


Just like the Warriors defense...

...and the season drags on. These are just getting painful. When will this misery end? Corey Maggette is hurt, Stephen Jackson is hurt, Brandan Wright is hurt, Marco Belinelli is hurt. The Warriors were shorthanded tonight but I'm sure it really didn't make a difference, they were going to lose to the Nuggets.


The Warriors managed to keep it close for 2 quarters as they were down just 9 at the half, but the Nuggets came out of the locker room in the 3rd quarter and just blitzed the Warriors with a 13-0 run. The half started out 57-66. After just 3.5 minutes, it was 57-79 and it never got any better that quarter. Check this out, after the 3rd quarter, the Nuggets were leading 104-74.


That's a ridiculous amount of points to score and a crap ton of points to give up.

That's like:

  • giving up 10 goals in hockey after 2 periods
  • after 60 minutes in soccer, giving up 8 goals
  • allowing 72 points in football after 3 quarters, 9 touchdowns and 9 2 point conversions
  • giving up 24 runs in baseball at the 7th inning stretch


There's really not a whole lot to write about this game, but wanted to highlight a few things:

  • Jamal Crawford went nuts on offense: 30 points, 10-21 shooting, 5 3's, 5-6 from the line, and 5 assists. His 5 assists led to 1 2pointer and 4 3 pointers. He either scored or assisted on 44 of the Warriors points. If you look at the Yahoo boxscore, he played just under 18 minutes. At first I thought he might have had one of the greatest offensive outputs ever but checking the ESPN boxoscore, he played 42 minutes. That seems a little more believable considering he was out there so often. Anyways, he picked up the slack for the Warriors offense, but I wonder how many points he gave up.
  • Carmelo had an even better game though (not suprisingly). 31 points in 31 minutes with 5 assists.
  • Rob Kurz, just get out of the way.
  • Who needs Allen Iverson? What a great trade for the Nuggets not only because they now have a real point guard, but it had made Carmelo step up his game.
  • Warriors turnovers = 17. Nuggets points off = 27.
  • Anthony Randolph's numbers look great. He's filling up all the hustle categories. Offensive rebounds = 8. Total rebounds = 14. Blocks = 4. Steals = 3. He's looking good and doing what he needs to do to be a productive member of the team. I like it. Looking forward to next year after he's had a full offseason to work on his game.
  • Imagine your starting center playing 20 minutes. How many rebounds do you think he'd collect? 5? 4? Ronny Turiaf got ONE rebound. ONE. There were 94 total rebounds. Our starting center got one of them.

No Warrior Wonder after a blowout like this. Just disgusting.