hmm...Where's the OPEN THREAD?

Golden State Warriors (20-39)


Minnesota Timberwolves (18-41)

Two teams with some sucky records but have actual players I do want to see play are going head to head tonight.  For the Warriors, it's obvious I want to see the whole team play (including Rob Kurz). I am probably going to favor continued playing time for Anthony Randolph (he was insane the last game. Good Job AR, that was definitely well worth to watch Live),  Anthony Morrow I want to see shoot lightz 0ut, and I want Rocky Marco Belinelli to get Warrior Wonder tonight with 37 points.

The timbs have Gyan Romes that I am scared of tonight. ( Oh wait. His name is actually Ryan Gomes. My bad.) This guy can shoot the rock and probably will light us up with 6 three pointers tonight. He should be able to average a double double every night with like 16.0ppg and 10.0rpg. He is only averaging 4.6rpg this season and does have glimpses of 8,9 and 8 rebounds in a game.

Okay. I blabbered all that just so I could post this and have more than 75 words words words....and so that hopefuly we could use this as an OPEN THREAD if there isnt one created soon.

[ * knocks* ]

Hello GSoM? You guys still there?

Hope you guys are still watching the Dubs even though our post season chances are gone.


No other predictions for tonight's game because I don't want to jinx ourselves again.

Hey Shells...

Lets Go Warriors...(still).

Please multiply LGW only 537 times in the OPEN THREAD. Literally, just 537 more times. Thanks.

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