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Game: Warriors vs. Pistons – 2008 season = Train wreck!

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Yep! We're a train wreck alright!

Warriors: 21-40
Pistons: 30-29
Tip-Off: 5:00 PM PST
Radio: KNBR

Up down, left right, play or don't play. This season is a complete train wreck. Lucky for you I'm a little nicer then my friend Fantasy Junkie. If you didn't think it could get any worse then check out Fantasy Junkie's recap from Wednesday night, showcasing the butt kicking we endured against the Bulls. In fact it was more depressing then a typical butt kicking, that one looked like it hurt.

However, as nice as I am I'm a little cranky today. Did anyone hear Nellie on the radio yesterday? Am I the only one who's completely irritated with this season now?

Call me a late bloomer but hit the jump for the reality of the situation:

YaoButta's Predictions

  • Warriors lose by 9.
  • Randolph has 1 nice play, then sits the rest of the game.
  • Ellis doesn't even attend the trip to Detroit.
  • Hamilton and Wallace combine for 55+ points.
  • I change the channel by the 3rd quarter to watch Family Feud.

- This Season is a complete waste of time. No growth or chemistry. We are not good enough to make the playoffs but we are not bad enough to rebuild this team.

- Randolph. I'm over you. You are a bust. I'm tired of seeing and hearing you whine and complain about playing time or injuries. I'm also tired of seeing one nice play from you and then have to watch you show boat for the next 2 minutes. Grow up!

- Monta, you ruined our season. You signed a huge contract, became the face of our franchise and then you lie about a stupid stunt you pulled causing you to end our season and yours. Grow up!

- Captain Jack. I'm calling you out man. Are you telling me this is the best that you can do? I'm not talking about individual stats, I'm talking about trying to bring the team together and play for a purpose. How many excuses can you make? Grow up!

- Warrior players in general: How can you show your face to the best fans in the NBA and show no to little heart? I'm more inclined to root for the Bobcats then I am for the Warriors now because at least they show some heart! Grow up!

Someone please calm me down. Tell me I'm wrong and explain to me why it's worth rooting for a team who shows NO emotion and has NO respect to their fans? Tell me! I'm not trying to become negative here, but I woke up today as a season ticket holder and realized a winning season won't happen in the next 8 years! As a die hard fan I'm sick of these results. Does it really matter who we play tonight? Nellie has confirmed we are playing our young ones more, so clearly winning is not a priority. Whoever comments on tonight's game and gives me the best reason to have hope for this season, gets a shout out on my recap.


YaoButta = Too Harsh on the Warriors today?

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