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OPEN THREAD: Warriors @ Bucks - Warrior Quality Blogging

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Warriors (W-L): 21-41
Bucks (W-L): 29-36
Time: 5:30 PM PST
Radio: KNBR


Man, Yi Jianlian had one hell of a game on Tuesday! No matter, we're going to bring the heat (IF they can keep the right score this time around) in our last game in China over this preseason.

I think the jet lag really hurt us last game and seeing as though they had an unfair advantage with Yi being accustomed to the time difference. No matter, after being able to rest for 2 days, I'm sure our always faithful Dubs are ready to take down the ex-Guangdong Southern Tiger!

Man, but I keep thinking back, what if the Yi Movement actually happened?

So many great posts...

But they were mostly by Atma

How did we not end up getting this guy?

Oh well...wait another few years and we'll have this guy.. I guarantee it!

Anywho, unlike Tuesday's game, this one is ACTUALLY televised at a decent hour so sit back and enjoy a good Friday night game!

R Dizzle's Predictions

  • Warriors by 3.14
    Monta Ellis scores 25 points
  • Yi Jianlian dominates the boards and pulls down 10
  • Turiaf electrifies Beijing and throws it down hard on Bobby Simmons



Oh my bad...Yi got traded and Monta Ellis is injured. Oops...


Hehehe...that made me laugh.

I refuse to write quality previews with the way the Warriors are playing. Why should I write with heart and passion if they won't play with heart and passion?

The Warriors quality = AWFUL. I don't even need to bust out some physics equation to break that down.

According to ESPN, Stephen Jackson, Corey Maggette, and Andris Biedrins are questionable for tonight's game.

I got no word on Booke but let's guess that he's out too.

I'm gonna go ahead and assume Monta Ellis and Brandan Wright are still out.

Turiaf got injured yesterday.

Enjoy tonight's Summer League game where we showcase the D-League All Stars again!


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