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RECAP: Warriors 120 Bucks 127 - Quick Thoughts

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  • Hooray! I just witnessed another Warrior Loss!
  • How many of those have I watched this year? 42? Man, that's a lot.
  • 42..that number sounds significant. 42...forty-two...where I have heard that number before...
  • Right...that was the number of wins we had back in 07. WE BELIEVE = 42.
  • Now we have 42 losses.
  • jump....


1st Quarter

  • I like evening games - I can eat dinner while I watch.
  • We'll probably lose but I have a good burrito.
  • I betcha Richard Jefferson has a good game.
  • Jim and Bob said we have to keep it close to win this game - isn't that how it goes for every sporting event?
  • Jack and Maggs are back! Yay! We have a chance!
  • Jamal Crawford...eeewww. He's too streaky for me.
  • No Booke, no Beans, no Monta
  • This game is starting really slow.
  • We might not make it to 20 points at this pace.
  • At least we're playing defense.
  • Hope I get to see my boy Rob Kurz. I don't know about this Jamareo Davidson guy.
  • Still close....
  • Over 20 points...
  • Hey look, end of the first and we're only down by 5!
  • That burrito was damn good.


Strike a pose!

2nd Quarter

  • At least that Burrito was filling...
  • Ya know what I'm starting to realize, we always lose games in the 2nd quarter
  • I think we collapsed last year in the 3rd
  • Maybe it's the lack of bench players
  • Maybe it's the lack of wanting to play the kids
  • Maybe it's the injuries
  • But that 5 point lead is going to get bigger
  • And bigger
  • Halfway through and it's at 10 points
  • Bad pass
  • Missed layup
  • This happens every game
  • I think that Burrito is starting to hit me...
  • Luke Ridnour? This guy's a joke! He's been shooting ice cold! Please don't let this guy get over 10 points...
  • Anthony Morrow's heating up....
  • I gotta give Ronny his props - I know he's injured and he's playing with heart
  • End of the 2nd and we're down by 9. Awesome.


That's one scary look...


  • Man, that burrito's making me so...sleepy..
  • Hope
  • I
  • Don't
  • Fall
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3rd Quarter

  • Thankfully I have league pass and I can watch archived games.
  • League Pass is awesome!
  • You should get it!
  • Yes, they paid me to write that.
  • I betcha I know what happens this quarter.
  • The lead will get bigger and bigger, and we'll look like fools on the court.
  • Yep.
  • I can fast forward through this madness
  • Jamal seems to be heating up though.
  • Another 3 point free throw adventure? How does he keep doing this?
  • Anthony Morrow's got a sweet shot.
  • We're still down.
  • It ain't over...but we'll need a miracle.
  • 9 point lead at the end. Nothing changes.


4th Quarter

  • Miracle time baby!
  • We need someone to heat up...
  • I really wish Luke Ridnour would stop making all those shots. That's hurting me more than when Vladamir Radmanovich got hot a few games ago.
  • Jamal...
  • Is...
  • Nice assist to Jack!
  • Man, Jamal's on fire!
  • That missed free throw's gonna cost us Jack...
  • IT'S TIED!!!
  • They can't stop Jamal! I love streaky shooters!
  • Noooooo! Maggs missed 2 free throws in a row! What happened to being clutch?
  • Ramon Sessions with a 3? What the? That was his 6th FOR THE SEASON!
  • Jamal with a 3!
  • Charlie Villanueva with a 3...
  •'s over.
  • At least they played with heart.
  • Luke Ridnour with 17 points?!?!
  • Richard Jefferson with 35 points?!?!
  • least they're not tanking....right?


I wonder how many of these I've put up through the year....

They always have Maggs too.


Jamal Crawford

  • Gotta give the man his props
  • Almost came back cause of his hot shooting
  • I like to see him coach Randolph through the games
  • Great leader on the court
  • Still want him to opt out?
  • I sure don't!