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The Future is Golden

As the 2008-2009 Golden State Warriors season winds down, it's important to focus on the bright future this world class organization has. When a team has been rebuilding this long, you can only imagine how good it's going to be when the execution of this master vision is finally complete.

Make the jump to see what I see...

Chris Cohan is one of the NBA's finest owners. No doubt about it.

Robert Rowell's picture is next to the word "classy" in the dictionary.

Chris Mullin is a fantastic GM and a top basketball mind who knows how to draft and manage the cap. He made Nellie.

Don Nelson's a terrible coach. We should run him out of town because the fans and local media know hoops way better than him. I mean come on- everyone knows that young teams win in this league. After all he's never won a championship- he must be a bad coach right?

Monta Ellis is not only the fastest player in the league, but the smartest and most mature. I'm glad the Warriors ran Boom and Rich out of town to build around him.

Andris Biedrins is an amazingly tough defender with equally amazing fundamentals and upside. Just wait till he showcases his jumpshot and right hand next year.

Stephen Jackson is putting up Antoine Walker in-his-prime stats and that's a recipe for success.

Corey Maggette always looks to pass first.

Jamal Crawford is always on the right spot on D. He never loses sight of his man.

Kelenna Azubuike is better than Jason Richardson. Forget the totals after the game (and the final score). In limited minutes he gives you similar production. That's all that matters.

Anthony Morrow needs to stop shooting.

Anthony Randolph has fantastic body language. He's untradeable just like Ike Diogu was for Ron Artest back in 2006.

Brandan Wright is going to be a monster big man in this league for years to come.

Marco Belinelli's going to be a fantastic point guard and defender in this league.

CJ Watson is a shutdown perimeter defender. That's obviously why he got called up from the NBDL.

Ronny Turiaf's absence is going to the be key reason the LA Lakers lose in the NBA Finals this year.

Rob Kurz is going to be a Warrior for a very long time.

WE BELIEVE the Warriors will make the playoffs next year and they only missed it this year because of the injury bug.

This organization is definitely going somewhere!

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