The NBA's Worst

Instead of criticizing our own players all day long, let's change it up for a second.  The Kwame Brown vs. Andrea Bargnani debate in the other thread sparked some interesting conversation. 

Who are the worst or most over-rated players in the association?

This is my list of the NBA's worst/over-rated starting five:

PG - Derek Fisher
Can't shoot (40% career FG%).  Can't rebound (3 rebs/36).  As a 200 pound PG, can't penetrate into the lane or set up his teammates in the offense.  Can't defend anybody in the league, while creating the illusion with his stance that he is actually playing defense.  All he can do is spot up and shoot the 3.  I suspect he's only starting in the league because he's a Lakers' fan favorite and he's a nostalgia symbol representing the old Lakers' glory days.

SG - Allen Iverson
I hate to put him on this list, I really do.  He's amazing to watch, but he's just bad for whatever team he's on.  He's the poster boy for undersized, volume scoring, poor-shot-selecting SG's.  This year we've seen the Nuggets rise as one of the dominant teams in the West after his departure, and we've seen the Pistons fall from perennial ECF contendors to non-factors after his arrival.

SF - Andrea Bargnani
42.3% FG% from a 7-footer isn't going to cut it,  whether he has range beyond the halfcourt line or not.  Moreover, he can't defend the rim, can't rebound, can't defend in the post or on the perimeter.  His increase in playing time is the root cause of Toronto's fall from grace in recent years.

PF - Udonis Haslem
Can't score in the post or shoot from the perimeter.  Can't handle the ball on the perimeter well enough to be a wing.  As a 6'8" PF, can't defend the rim or defend the post or guard on the perimeter well.  All he can do is crash the offensive boards and hit the 10-footer.  He is so over-rated by national telecast announcers for his "energy" and "hustle" that it's sickening.  He's the polar opposite of versatility.

C - Tyson Chandler
He's useless on offense without CP3.  He's not a great defender either for someone 7'3".  Plus he thinks he's the ish.


So who is your worst 5 in the NBA?  Let's keep it to starters too

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