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OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs Spurs - Battle of the Crutches

Traffic Advisory: Going to the game? Leave early. The A's are taking on the Red Sox next door to the Oracle. First pitch at 7:05 PM.

Hot off the heels of a thrilling D-League inspired victory in Utah, the Warriors look to take on the Spurs in the Oracle tonight for another chance to do (apparently) what they do best.

Scare the hell out of the other team.

This isn't to say that the Warriors always pull out a W; certainly we have plenty of sample data from this season to show that we're hardly ever in control of our destiny on a game by game basis. As of late, however, the Warriors have been doing an excellent job as loose cannons, knocking better teams around as they vy for better seeding in the fast approaching postseason.

Utah knows what I'm talking about, don't they? Damn right.


  Hobbling Dubs versus Hobbling Spurs? This should be fun to watch...

Warriors (W-L): 29-51

Spurs (W-L): 52-28 (tied with Houston AND Portland)

Tip-Off: 7:30 PST


Radio: KNBR


As the Spurs have been working hard to stay ahead of Houston in the Western Conference standings, they've been forced to work within a delicate balance of chalking up wins and resting Tim Duncan.

With Manu riding pine for the rest of the year, Duncan's sore knees are a liability that they can not afford right now, especially as they find themselves neck and neck with Houston and Portland with only 2 games (including this one) left in their season. If the Spurs lose out - they can potentially end up in 5th - losing them home court advantage in the playoffs.

Enter the Warriors.

I need say no more about tonight than, "We are more than capable of beating this team." Look no further than our recent performances against the Hornets and the Jazz for the reasoning behind this. The Spurs know this too. My bet is we'll be seeing Duncan on the court tonight despite his need for rest. They can't afford another overtime battle like we gave them last time in Oakland.



  • Kurz does NOT score 21 points.
  • CJ scores over 20.
  • Roger Mason starts nailing threes from half-court.
  • Spurs have too much to lose here. Spurs by 8.

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