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Polling GSoM: Are you glad the Warriors relinquished their right to void Monta Ellis' deal?

Word just broke that the Warriors have relinquished their right to void Monta Ellis' contract after Moped Gate.

I'd be happy too if I violated my $66 million contract, destroyed my team's season, and only lost $3 million!

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To tell you the truth I wish the Warriors could have retained the right to void Monta Ellis' 6 year $66 million contract (one year's off the books already). It's not that I believe they can legally suspend and fine him for 30 games, let him play in 25 games (well play meaning, play offense, not defense), and then void the deal. It's just that in the seemingly unlikely and honestly unfortunate case that his ankle injury decimates his career and progression, I don't feel like seeing this team's salary cap chained to a silly deal like this. Why should we as fans have to see that because this guy screwed up?

Some wise folks might argue that this is a good move because the Warriors don't want to upset or alienate Monta. Honestly Monta's feelings are the last thing anyone should be worried about. He obviously didn't care about his teammates and the fanbase all that much if he was going to lie about his mistake, whine along with his agent about the punishment, and be a nuisance with poor body language when he returned after serving his suspension and paying his very soft penalty. Ellis should feel upset- upset with himself.

Part of me thinks that the Warriors are doing this to boost Monta's trade value. Let's face it. Unless he overcomes his glaring weaknesses- horrendous defense, sub-par court vision for a starting NBA PG, poor long distance shooting for a 2 guard, lack of leadership and professionalism- he is not the guy the Warriors should be building around and betting the whole ship on. Chris Mullin and Robert Rowell might not be smart enough to see that right now, but you can be sure Don Nelson knows that. By relinquishing their right to void, they're sending a message to the rest of the league that Monta is not damaged goods and instantly increases his trade value.

On a side note, I don't think many folks who follow the Warriors will disagree that the single biggest reason the Warriors will finish as the 7th worst team in the league this season is because Monta Ellis screwed up last summer. It's funny how little blame he seems to have gotten this year from the fans and the media at large. Instead the focus has been on finding new ways every week to paint Nellie as the anti-Christ, criticizing Robert Rowell (mostly deservedly so), oddly re-writing history and making Chris Mullin into some supposed martyr, criticizing big free agent signee Corey Maggette for not being a player that his previous body of work clearly indicated he would never be, and even hating on Stephen Jackson for his turnovers and tantrums.

Monta Ellis is the #1 reason why the 2008-2009 Golden State Warriors deserve a spot on the FAIL Blog.


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