A Statistical Look at the Season

From, here are our adjusted +/- ratings for the season:

Turiaf             3.71
Jackson        1.59
Morrow          1.15
Belinelli       -0.09
Biedrins      -0.55
Azubuike     -1.80
Crawford    -1.90
Watson      -1.98
Ellis            -2.22
Randolph  -3.59
Maggette   -4.51

Williams, Wright, Davidson, Nelson, and Kurz did not play enough minutes to qualify.

An explanation of the adjusted +/- stat, from

Adjusted +/- ratings indicate how many additional points are contributed to a team’s scoring margin by a given player in comparison to the league-average player over the span of a typical game (100 offensive and defensive possessions). These ratings are considered “adjusted” since they start with the simple +/- rating and apply a regression model as outlined by Rosenbaum to adjust for the impact of all other players on the court.

It's far from a perfect statistic, due to small sample sizes, but it's more meaningful than alot of stats out there.

Surprises? Sure there are.  Morrow's positive +/- as an undrafted rookie is astounding, considering that most rookies in the league usually post heavily negative ratings (Randolph, Beasley, Love included).  We've all been witness to his lights out shooting, solid rebounding, and effort on D.

Jackson's rating seems spot on.  When he was in there dribbling the ball off his foot and turning it over, we were bad.  But when he shut it down for the season and we had no ballhandlers or playmakers, we were even worse.

I'm not surprised about Turiaf's rating.  At all.

Belinelli showed great improvement this season, his +/- for the last two years combined is -3.80, so you can imagine how bad it was during his rookie season.

Injuries and the departure of his point guard Baron Davis hurt Biedrins' season a little bit.  Without a real PG, he didn't get as many easy buckets, which hurt his scoring efficiency.

Azubuike is a bit of an enigma. 

Crawford, Watson, and Maggette are spot on.

I'd chalk up Ellis' rating to the fact that he was never 100% healthy, and that defenses were probably focusing on him more now that Baron's gone.

If '0' is considered the average NBA player, then we had a whole lot of below average this season.  I just wanted to share some statistics that many fans aren't regularly exposed to.

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