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Day 4 of the NBA 2K9 Playoffs

Cavaliers v Pistons

Series: 1-0 - Cavs

Location: Cleveland

Time: 5:00 PDT


Let the beatdown continue! My humble opinion is that the LeBron Cavaliers will continue stepping over the Pistons for their valid bid at the ring. But don't take my word for it. head over to Fear the Sword and Motown String Music to get the experts' take on tonight's festivities.

Lakers v Jazz

Series: 1-0 - Lakers

Location: Los Angeles

Time: 7:30 PDT


Speaking of beatdown, it's tough to see this 1-8 seed matchup going any differently that Cleveland/Detroit. The toughest part about this series is deciding which lesser of two evils you want to win. I chooooooose: Don't watch. For more detailed opnions, check out our friends at Silver Screen and Roll and SLC Dunk.

Trailblazers v Rockets

Series: 1-0 - Rockets

Location: Portland

Time: 7:00 PDT


Ah the battle for mediocrity. While the 5th seed Houston has managed to jump out to an early lead in this battle (convingly I might add), I don't think they'll be able to take this back to Texas with a 2-0 series lead. Tonight "Roy to Oden" awakens. At least, that's what our old friends at Blazer's Edge are hoping. Meanwhile, The Dream Shake might have a few other hopes...

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