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Day 5 of the NBA 2K9 Playoffs

BOOM! 3 for 3 on my picks. I AM AN NBA GOD!!!!

Okay fine - yesterdays games were about as predictable as they come (call it a coin toss on the Portland-Houston matchup). The only real question with the Lakers/Jazz and Cavs/Pistons series' are whether or not these two powerful 1 seeds are going to break out their brooms and sweep their opponents under the rug.


Anyone else smelling sweep?


Today's matchups, however, may better host a bit more of that oh-so-cherished often seen characteristic that we have come to know and love in the NBA Playoffs.



Hawks v Heat

Series: 1-0 - Hawks

Location: Atlanta

Time: 5:00 PDT


After Miami's horrid performance in Game 1 of this series (64 points), it's really tough to call a win for them in Game 2. Especially with them still on the Hawks' home court. So I won't. I'm thinking after this the Heat headed back to Florida down 2. Check out the experts at Peninsula is Mightier and Peachtree Hoops for their take on the action!

Nuggets v Hornets

Series: 1-0 - Nuggets

Location: Denver

Time: 7:30 PDT


Just to shake things up, I'm calling upset over here. Granted Denver has a ton of weapons, but I think that CP3 and West can sneak at least one away from them on their home floor. Let's roll the dice - after today, series tied 1-1. Out friends at At The Hive would love this call. Pickaxe and Roll, however, not so much.

Magic v 76ers

Series: 1-0 - 76ers

Location: Orlando

Time: 4:00 PDT


Speaking of upset, can the 76ers pull out another shocker against the Magic to take this series back to Philly up 2-0?! No! No they can't! My bet is the dream ends tonight for Philly. And it's not going to be pretty. Check out the thoughts of Liberty Ballers and Third Quarter Collapse to see their take on Game 2.


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