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Day 6 of the NBA 2k9 Playoffs

Let me quickly paraphrase Hash's predictions from yesterday's games.

Heat @ Hawks - Hawks

Hornets @ Nuggets - Hornets

76ers @ Magic - Magic

And...he goes 1-2.

NBA The Daily Zap April 22 2009 PlayOffs (via Grdgez23)


Even T.I. was laughing at Hash's silly predictions.

As for me, I'm at 2-0. BOOM BABY!

Ok enough bragging - here's essentially what happened yesterday...

Heat Victory

D-Wade is insane. 13 straight points at the end of the first half. 6 three pointers. (Same with Daequan cook) RIDICULOUS shots.

I think he put quite eloquently

"This is where amazing happens," Wade said.

Wade to the Warriors in 2k10? HELL YES!!

Magic Victory

With Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard fouling out after scoring 11 points and 10 boards, the Magic looked like they were back against the wall with another 76ers rally.

But the rookie Courtney Lee took charge of the game and helped the Magic survive after blowing an 18 point lead.

Nuggets Victory

Boooooorrriiiiinngggg. This series is not what any of us hoped it to be, but I will say this - I am pretty happy the Chauncey Billups is tearing it up on his home city. In these two playoffs games, he's scored 67 points, made 12 three-pointers, 12 assists, and 0 turnovers. Gots to give this man his props.

"I do want to kind of apologize. I said he's a player 'without skills' after the series opener," Nuggets coach George Karl said. "He's very skilled. But he plays the game without skills a lot. He plays the game with a brain, and a teamness, a point guard leadership. Then he figures out when to put the skills in the game.

"I'm happy he's putting a few more skills on the court lately. It's pretty cool."

That's kind of a weird way of putting it...

Jump for today's games!


Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs! Are you kidding me? Playoffs?!?!

#2 Boston Celtics @ #7 Chicago Bulls, 5:00 PM on TNT

Now Leon Powe is out? Man, the Celtics can't catch a break. It might be silly for KG to not get his surgery done and see if he can rehab his way back to playing this year. Too many injuries, too many old folks, too much Starbury = bad rest of the playoffs for the Celtics.

By the way, anyone notice the DeMarcus Nelson's now on the Bulls? Crazy!

Blog Battle: Blog-A-Bull vs Celtics Blog

#3 San Antonio Spurs @ #6 Dallas Mavericks, 5:30 PM on NBA TNT

Can you have negative respect for a player? Check out what Dubs fan favorite Erick Dampier said after their loss against the Spurs the other day

"Parker got into the teeth of our defense and caused problems. Every time he drives the lane, we have to put him on his back. The first foul has to tell him he's in for a long night. My first foul Thursday night is going to put him on his back. I guarantee it."

And he's not going to get fined for this stuff? What the? What a corrupt league...

I sure hope my man Tony P can tear it up fact, posterize Dampier for me on time.

Blog Battle: Mavs Moneyball vs. Pounding the Rock

#1 L.A. Lakers @ #8 Utah Jazz, 7:30 PM on TNT

How bout I don't even waste my time talking about a series I don't care about. I hate both these teams and if this were McDonald's and I could have it my way, they'd both lose.

Although, if we take a look at what one Jazz player's thoughts

"The series is not over. They just did what they were supposed to do -- win at home," Utah point guard Deron Williams said. "Now we've got to do what we're supposed to do."

We can also see that there's something in the water of Salt Lake City that makes all of its residents a bit delusional.

Blog Battle: SLC Dunk vs. Silver Screen and Roll

Post your Day 6 predictions and any ongoing game thoughts you have in the comments.

Boston Celtics @ Chicago Bulls

San Antonio Spurs @ Dallas Mavericks

L.A. Lakers @ Utah Jazz

Here are mine.

Boston Celtics @ Chicago Bulls : Bulls

San Antonio Spurs @ Dallas Mavericks : Spurs

L.A. Lakers @ Utah Jazz : Lakers

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