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Day 7 of the NBA 2k9 Playoffs

That's what I get for being cocky.

Celtics won, Mavericks won, and the Jazz won.


So who doesn't think we should a move for a guy that gets 22 boards in 35 minutes?

On to today's games!


Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs! Are you kidding me? Playoffs?!?!

#1 Cleveland Cavaliers @ #8 Detroit Pistons, 4:00 PM on ESPN

I hate LeBron James. I hate LeBron James even more because he somehow convinced me to buy shorts with his logo on it. And shoes. Now I'm a wakling poster child for the LBJ clothing line and I utterly detest the guy. Not because of skills, but because he's more successful than me in every way and he will continue to be more successful than me.

Good luck Pistons at avoding this imminent sweep against the best team in the NBA. Here's a great way of looking at it.

Hamilton was asked Thursday if he thought the Pistons could beat Cleveland in Game 3.

"We ain't got a choice," Hamilton said.No, they don't.

Blog Battle: Motown String Music vs. Fear the Sword

#3 Orlando Magic @ #6 Philadelphia 76ers, 5:00 PM on ESPN2

This is turning out to be quite the series. The 6ers ralied back hard in the first two games, but couldn't finish the fight in Game 2. They currently possess the home court advantage now that the series is 1-1 and if they can bring the pain at home, this will be quite the upset.

Blog Battle: Liberty Ballers vs. Third Quarter Collapse

#4 Portland TrailBlazers @ #5 Houston Rockets, 6:30 PM on ESPN

I don't want to even talk about this series anymore. I just want the Rockets to win it all from now cause my main man Dikembe deserves a ring. log Battle: The Dream Shake vs. Blazer's Edge

Post your Day 7 predictions and any ongoing game thoughts you have in the comments.

Cavaliers @ Pistons:
Magic @ 76ers:
TrailBlazers @ Rockets:

Here's mine:
Cavaliers @ Pistons: Cavaliers
Magic @ 76ers: Magic
TrailBlazers @ Rockets: Rockets

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