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Day 9 of the NBA 2k9 Playoffs


Hornets win and barely stay alive as they drop a 10 point lead with 3 minutes to go in the 4th.  Melo missed the game winning 3.

My main man Tony P has a tremendous game with 43 points, but ask anyone on the Warriors - you can't win a game alone.

The Heat scorch the Hawks with their first home game. 

The Lakers bounce back after their Game 3 loss and behind Kobe's 38 points. 


The Raiders take...Heyward-Bey? (I love Al Davis)



Playoffs?  Don't talk about playoffs!  Are you kidding me?  Playoffs?!?!

#2 Boston Celtics @ #7 Chicago Bulls, 10 AM  on ABC (right now)

Derrick Rose bounces back and takes the C's on their home court. This is going to 7.

Blog Battle: Blog-A-Bull vs Celtics Blog

#1 Cleveland Cavaliers @ #8 Detroit Pistons, 12:30 PM on ABC

In the words of the All American Rejects, "It Ends Tonight."

Blog Battle: Liberty Ballers vs. Third Quarter Collapse

#3 Orlando Magic @ #6 Philadelphia 76ers, 3:30 PM onTNT

Dwight man, you need to step up.  No more of these last minute games. 

Blog Battle: Liberty Ballers vs. Third Quarter Collapse

#4 Portland TrailBlazers @ #5 Houston Rockets, 6:00 PM on ESPN

Are the Rockets finally going to make it out of the first round?

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Post your Day 9 predictions and any ongoing game thoughts you have in the comments.

Celtics @ Bulls:

Cavaliers @ Pistons:

Magic @ 76ers

Trail Blazers @ Rockets:

Here are mine:

Celtics @ Bulls: Bulls

Cavaliers @ Pistons: Cavaliers

Magic @ 76ers: 76ers

Trail Blazers @ Rockets: Rockets

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