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Crazy kids and their..."techmology" - Hit us up on FaceBook!

Remember back in the good ol' days when technology was simple? Need some light? Light a candle. Need some warm food? Start a fire. Cold? Put on more clothes. Got nothing to do? Read a nice book. Feeling lonely? Write a letter to a good friend.

Ah was so simple back in the day.

We here at GSoM are trying long and hard to stay up with these kids and their newest technologies. It's hard though, really hard. With the addition of the internet, online blogging, and other such things...we simple don't know where to begin. In fact, believe it or not, we even got a shot out in Da Ali G show.

That's right, we don't even have a Tele. Check out the website yo.

But alas, with the ever-growing technology boom, we have no option but to keep up. Now in 2k9, all of the responses to those earlier questions have drastically changed.

Need some light? Clap your hands twice and the magic "Clapper" flips on the switch. Need some warm food? Toss it in the microwave on "HIGH" for 1 minute. Cold? Toss on your Snuggie - The Blank With Sleeves! Got nothing to do? Go browse the internet for such high quality sites like FML, texts from last night, or this is why you're fat. Feeling lonely? could...ya know...I mean...


Golden State of Mind Group

Golden State of Mind Page

Golden State of Mind Network Blog App

Jump for more that story! (Gimme props, that was hella creative.)

Yes, apparently that fellow Mark Zuckerberg has got me hooked on his product. (Crazy to think this guy is only a few months older than me...)


If I'm not writing for GSoM, reading up Yahoo Sports! or contemplating how GSoM can make enough to buy the Warriors, I surf the net. We all do. It's natural. Can't be ashamed of it. It's the thing to do when you're bored. Sure, I hit up those great aforementioned websites only a daily basis. But if I'm real, and I mean real real son, I spend many hours of my day on Facebook. Yes, Facebook. What a great way to catch up with old friends, tell the world what I'm thinking, and even follow the moves of a cheeleader! Yes, Facebook - what a great place.

To drop some science and some anecdotes on my fellow GSoMers, I (yes, me personally) was one of the first to join the site. You see, waaay back in the day when Facebook first started, it was a simple website - you could post your picture (just one), toss up some info about yourself, and make some friends in your own college campus. It felt like almost an "elite" type thing to do - only college students could do it and since we were freshmen in the dorms, it was soooo cool. It made us feel special on the inside, like we had accomplished something great and our award was to be on Facebook. We were finally "The Cool Kids."

That was it. No photo albums. No videos. No links. None of this crazy "application" mumbo-jumbo. No quizzes. No "24 things you should know about me" business. Simple networking within your own University. We were flyer than a piece of paper bearing our names.

Thank Nellie that Marky Mark brought us down to reality by involving the rest of the world on his genius product. It soon evolved into something I could no longer comprehend and was way beyond my simple understanding of technology and the internet. Musical artists began using it to promote their concerts. Even bloggers became linking up to it. Bloggin' - what a crazy concept. Maybe we should get up in that idea...

But ya know what's the best part of Facebook? He gave us at GSoM another spot to publicize!

So hit us up in Facebook and join the eternal quest of furthering techmology! We might not have a tele, but we sure got a website!

Golden State of Mind Group

Golden State of Mind Page

Golden State of Mind Network Blog App


  • As always, this is a family show. Do not post anything inappropriate, we will regulate.
  • Feel free to post up discussion topics there or link up to your Fanposts here. The more the better.
  • Toss up pictures from GSoM Nights, games, or Warriors events.
  • Invite your friends to join up and show them what we're all about.
  • Make some new friends!
  • Once again, it's still a family show over there.

Who knows...maybe we'll even figure out this Twitter business soon...

I always did like Tweety-Bird. (Does anyone else laugh at my jokes or is it only me?)

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