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OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs Hornets

Attack of the killer Hornets!

Warriors: 26-49
Hornets: 47-27
Tip-Off: 7:30 PM PST
Radio: KNBR 680

The Warriors may not be making the playoffs this year, but they have a chance to play spoiler. The Hornets are in the mix for the Southwest Division crown, 1 game behind San Antonio, 1/2 game behind Houston. Winning that division is ridiculously tough considering Dallas is the 4th team. If half the teams in the playoffs come from that division, the winner of that division is guaranteed home court advantage in at least 1 playoff series, probably 2. So, even though the Hornets are a lock to make the playoffs, every game counts as they try to move up the standings and secure home court advantage.

In step the Dubs. They're a decent home team. Despite missing Stephen Jackson, Andris Biedrins, etc, they will keep it close tonight. Playing spoiler is one of the things bad teams can look forward to. It keeps the contenders on their toes and if the bad team pulls it off, it's that much more exciting for us, the fans.

Down the stretch, the one thing the Warriors do have to be careful of is winning too many games. Currently, they're 3 games "ahead" of the Raptors and Knicks, and 5 games "behind" the Thunder. While they're most likely not going to be able to move up a spot in the lottery, if they keep winning and either or both of the Raptors or Knicks keep losing, the Warriors could drop from 7th worst to 9th worst. That's a lot of ping pong balls to lose over meaningless games.

This team will compete tonight and should be entertaining at home throughout the rest of the season. Let's just hope they don't win too many games and lower their chances of getting a top 3 pick.


  • Hornets by 6. As much as I think the Warriors can compete, the Hornets are just too hungry.
    Anthony Randolph collects a double double
  • Anthony Morrow auditions for Peja's spot. Great shooter, decent rebounder, but is a better defender. Expect 4 three balls from AMo (ammo?).
    Chris Paul takes advantage of what Monta calls defense and drops 12 dimes and scores 29 points.
    David West has his way inside the paint

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