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NBA Suck Squad: Day 13 of the 2k9 NBA Playoffs

Don't forget to cast your vote in the latest edition of Polling GSoM: Who should represent the Golden State Warriors at the 2009 NBA Lottery? Not only is it some free market research for the GSW, but it's about as close to a playoff-type conversation we can have about the Dubs right now.

Rewinding through Day 12:

JUMP like Kris Kross for mo' Day 12 rewinding and Day 13 previewing.




Heat 91 @ Atlanta Hawks 106 (Hawks lead 3-2)

Hawks fans think Wade is a Faker. Funny, I always thought he played on the Heat, not the Lakers. Bad jokes aside, they're shooting victory bullets in Hotlanta. That 39-20 Hawks run in the 2nd quarter was tough for Miami to overcome. My crystal ball says the Heat will heat up in Miami in Game 6 and these two teams are headed to a wildly entertaining Game 7.

New Orleans 86 @ Denver Nuggets 107 (Nuggets WIN 4-1)

Goodnight NOLA and welcome to the 2nd round for the first time in 15 years Denver Nuggets. Props to Melo for finally making it out of the 1st round. I was honestly a little worried Carmelo was headed towards a depressing Tracy McGrady-like playoff streak. Unlike in previous years you can't call them "Enver" because there is now D in Denver.

Hornets fans don't really have much to say aside from "well, let's just say it's gonna be a long summer". Give them credit though. They're taking the 58 point loss in Game 4 with class and the Hornets relocation to Europe for the 2009-2010 season with even more spunk.

#6 Dallas Mavericks vs. #2 Denver Nuggets is going to be a good one. Both teams looked very good in their first round series. Can you believe that either the Mavericks or the Nuggets will be in the Western Conference Finals this year? Impressive. No one would call you silly for predicting the Spurs and Hornets respectively would take them out in the 1st round.


#3 Orlando Magic @ #6 Philadelphia 76ers (Magic lead 3-2): 4pm PST on NBATV

The biggest news is of course that Superman has not been granted permission for take-off tonight, but there's some other key newsworthy items as well. If the Magic were playing the Warriors, they'd be just fine with reserve center Marcin Gortat, but against the Sixers I don't think so. They aren't going to take this magical opportunity for granted. Who will step up and lead the Magic in points tonight? I'm with my man Ben Q Rock, it's on Rashard Lewis- this is why they pay him the big bucks right? I'm rooting for former Warrior fav Mickael Pietrus to blow up the spot tonight. The Sixers and Orlando Tragic are headed back to Orlando for a Game 7.

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#2 Celtics @ #7 Chicago Bulls (Celtics lead 3-2): 5pm PST on TNT

This has easily been the most thrilling NBA playoff series I've seen since the Warriors-Mavs series back in 2007. There have already been FOUR overtimes. It's been thrilling, but it's also had it's fair share of heartbreaks. Chicago isn't too happy about Rondo's non-suspension and non-fine and "look the other way" flagrant foul. I can't blame them. In Boston they seem to be taking a reasonably realistic look at it but drawing these odd comparisons to D-wight D-flight D-fense's suspension seem a little defensive. But I guess the bigger issue is that peculiar, but very telling picture. My biggest issue is if the Bulls have given up on Tyrus Thomas-- then send him on over to the Dubs!

I'll start watching this one mid-way through the 4th. Da Bulls get this one... in OT.

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#4 Portland Trailblazers @ #5 Houston Rockets (Rockets lead 3-2): 6:30pm PST on TNT

My goodness the post-Hakeem Houston Rockets are just 1 game away from advancing to the 2nd round! Let's take a quick look back at some Rocket history via Basketball Reference:

  • 1998 Lost in 1st round to the Utah Jazz (2-3)
  • 1999 Lost in 1st round to the LA Lakers (1-3)
  • 2004 Lost in 1st round to the LA Lakers (1-4)
  • 2005 Lost in 1st round to the Dallas Mavericks (3-4)
  • 2007 Lost in 1st round to the Utah Jazz (3-4)
  • 2008 Lost in 1st round to the Utah Jazz (2-4)
Let's just say that in 1998, Clutch City became Choke City.

In every single one of those series I rooted for the Rockets to advance to the 2nd round. In every single one of those series the Rockets failed to advance to the 2nd round. Will it be any different this year?

If so, it starts tonight. If the Rockets can't close it out tonight in Houston, then they're doomed once again. I don't like their chances one bit in a game 7 on the road.

The curse of Choke City ends tonight.

All-Rookie second teamer Rudy Fernandez believes it won't end tonight. I couldn't agree with my man Dave anymore: "I love this. This is playoff basketball." (Not sure why I love the Warriors though.) I'm looking forward to these matchups and a great game.

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Post your Day 13 predictions and any ongoing game thoughts you have in the comments.

Magic @ 76ers:

Celtics @ Bulls:

TrailBlazers @ Rockets:

Here's my picks:

Magic @ 76ers: 76ers

Celtics @ Bulls: Bulls

TrailBlazers @ Rockets: Rockets

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