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OPEN THREAD: Warriorzzzzz vs Twolvezzzzz


Warriors: 28-49
Twolves: 23-55
Tip-Off: 7:30 PM PST
Radio: KNBR 680

I'm sorry but this is one of those games that nobody cares about. They might as well play this one on Mars because that's the only way anyone outside of those people who already paid for tickets or those people who are die hard Warriors/Twolves fans will watch this game.

There are 2 guys I want to see play and both of their names have Anthony in it. I don't want to see Monta or Biedrins play since there's no need to further aggravate any injuries in meaningless games. I don't want to see Corey Maggette play because the game will be over faster without him taking 15 free throws. I do want to see Anthony Randolph because he's showing a special quality that makes you just want to watch him. You never know what to expect but every now and then you'll see him make the spectacular play. I do want to see Anthony Morrow because his shot is so smooth and true. That's it.

On the Twolves, here's their starting 5 from the last game:
PG: Kevin Ollie
SG: Mike Miller
C: Kevin Love
SF: Ryan Gomes
PF: Brian Cardinal

Ugh. Maybe I want to watch Kevin Love because of all the hype but he's not very exciting.

The only reason to care about this game is because the Warriors are on a 3 game win streak and in jeopardy of losing out on the 7th pick and moving down to the 9th pick. Most likely, the Warriors win and inch closer to losing lottery balls. That's something only this franchise could do. We lose when we're supposed to win and win when we're supposed to lose. Such is life as a Warrior fan...


  • Warriors by 9
  • Anthony Randolph with the double double
  • Anthony Randolph with 6 combined blocks and steals
  • Anthony Morrow with 4 treys and 22 total points
  • I will be asleep before halftime


My favorite Anthony is:

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