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Day 14 of the NBA 2k9 Playoffs

Another one is down. Mad props to the Magic for closing out the series without Dwight Howard (suspended for a flagrant foul) and Courtney Lee (injured by Howard.) How they still managed to blow out he 6ers is beyond me...but hey, on to bigger things now. Interestingly enough, Yahoo Sports reports that Howard still managed to pull a double-double last night.

On a night the suspended Howard recorded a double-double in blog and Twitter posts from his hotel room...

I thought my jokes were bad. At least, I'm not bitter like Andre Miller

“They’re actually better without Dwight Howard,” Sixers guard Andre Miller said. “One of their players told me that they were better without Dwight Howard. They said the ball moves quicker. They’re not standing around a lot.”

Better or worse, they're heading to the 2nd round.

Don't look now, but so is another team...


For the first time since 1997, The Houston Rockets are heading to the 2nd round! That means Yao gets to play his in first Conference SemiFinals game! And so does...Ron Artest.

What about TMac? Poor guy...

Yes, getting to the 2nd round is a great accomplishment. Especially for a team that hasn't done it in over 10 years AND has made the playoffs consistently (Can't fault the Warriors here since they do NOT make the playoffs consistently), but that shouldn't be the goal.

“The fans were just so happy to get out of the first round and I’m like ‘I’m just not happy to just be out of the first round,”’ he said. “That’s just not our goal here. That’s not LA’s goal, that’s not Boston’s goal, that is not Cleveland’s goal. That is not our goal.”

Exactly the right mentality my man.

I gotta ask ya, who watches a whole game in the Bulls-Celtics series besides the fans of those two teams? I mean sure, they're interesting and exciting but it seems like a better use of my time to just start at the 4th Quarter. Then, like yesterday's game, you can watch a few OTs (three to be exact) and which is basically watching a fully game. Except at that point its shot for shot. It's awesome. It's thrilling.

This series might go down in history as the most exciting EVER (can anyone think of a better one?) and I can't wait til Game 7 tomorrow. GO BULLS!

By the way, Rondo's foul on Hinrich was just dirty.

On to today's game!

#4 Atlanta Hawks at #5 Miami Heat, Game 6 - 5 PM on ESPN

It's win or else for the Heat. With Al Horford and Marvin Williams out for the Hawks, the Heat HAVE to capitalize on this game. D-Wade's going to bring it, sure, but they cannot let Josh Smith run away with silly under the leg dunks like last game. I'm with your philosophy man,

In Miami’s eyes, the play was an insult.

“I’m not worried about that,” Smith said. “My loyalty is with this team, not the Miami Heat.”

but you really have to be more professional about it. Destroying a team in the playoffs happens. Ask the New Orleans Hornets. But there's no need to put it in their face like that. Or was it in your face cause it didn't go in? Buuuuurrrnn!!!

Either way, look for an extremely physical game. I got my money on the Heat.



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